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实体被收录于《 耻辱 》特别版,共包含78张基于游戏主题的塔罗牌。其用途包括进行 南希游戏 与占卜。


尽管阿卡纳工作室并没有提供伴书或者相关的在线信息作为这副牌的补充,也没有对这副牌用于占卜时的神秘意义进行解释,但 哈维·史密斯, 耻辱 的联合创意总监曾在推特上这样陈述:
从GameStop预购游戏的玩家可以获得与 耻辱 年度版 一同发布的升级版塔罗牌。其以加入了在DLC 顿沃之刃 布莱格摩尔的女巫 中出现的角色为特色,包括 莉兹·史泰德比利·卢克以及黛利拉·考伯斯朋等。升级版同时更新了角色的阵营,比如屠夫布莱格摩尔女巫团

Major Arcana

I - Judgement: Emily Kaldwin, daughter of the late Empress and rightful heir to the throne of Gristol.

II - Lust: Madame Prudence, owner and mistress of the Golden Cat pleasure house.

III - The Man on Stilts: One of the tallboys, heavily armored and chemically enhanced members of the City Watch that stalk the streets of Dunwall on their stilts.

IV - The Boatman: Samuel Beechworth, sailor, ferryman and moral guide of Death, Corvo Attano.

V - The Witch: Vera Moray, now known as Granny Rags, who is blind, mad and deceitful, and not quite as harmless as one might think.

VI - The Weeper: Victims of the plague in its last stage, weepers are senseless horrors that roam the streets of Dunwall, abandoned by society.

VII - The Lady: Lady Boyle, a ruthless mistress and powerful supporter of the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows.

VIII - Regret: Daud, leader of a group of assassins and the one responsible for killing the Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, "blessed" with dark powers by the Outsider.

IX - The Urchin Prince: Slackjaw, ruthless, yet principled leader of the Bottle Street Gang.

X - The Twins: The Pendleton twins, Custis and Morgan, slavers, sadists and corrupt members of parliament who support the Lord Regent.

XI - The Hermit: Piero Joplin, a socially inept genius, alchemist, weaponsmith and member of the Loyalists who oppose the Lord Regent.

XII - The Artist: Anton Sokolov, Royal Physician, unscrupulous scientist, and inventor.

XIII - Cruelty: The Royal Interrogator, a sadistic torturer with a dark passion and an even darker secret.

XIV - The Governess: Callista Curnow, a member of the Loyalists and a caring tutor to Emily Kaldwin.

XV - Nobility: Treavor Pendleton, the younger brother of the malicious Pendleton twins, as well as a leading member of the Loyalists.

XVI - The High Overseer: Thaddeus Campbell, a corrupt supporter of the Lord Regent, and Teague Martin, a leading member of the Loyalists.

XVII - The Drowned Man: Admiral Farley Havelock, astute military mind and leader of the Loyalists who will go to great lengths to see his work done.

XVIII - The Lord Regent: Hiram Burrows, the former Royal Spymaster for the Empress and instigator of her assassination, who now rules Gristol with an iron first.

XIX - The Empress: Jessamine Kaldwin, beloved Empress of the Empire of the Isles, who died at the hands of the assassin Daud in order to enable the coup d'état of Hiram Burrows.

XX - The World: A map of the Empire.

XXI - Death: Corvo Attano, once Lord Protector and bodyguard of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, who was framed for her murder by Hiram Burrows. Freed by the Loyalists, he now treads a thin line between vengeance and justice.

The Outsider: A timeless being of magic and mystery that takes interest in select humans, including Corvo Attano.

Minor Arcana

The Suit of Rats - A suit of 14 cards, represented by rats.

The Suit of Swords - A suit of 14 cards, represented by swords.

The Suit of Pistols - A suit of 14 cards, represented by pistols.

The Suit of Skulls - A suit of 14 cards, represented by skulls.

Each suit contains four face cards (King, Queen, Commoner, and Jack) and ten numbered cards in descending order from 10 to 1.

Use in Divination


The Dishonored tarot deck.

While not specifically designed to standards of modern tarot decks, the cards within the Dishonored Tarot deck can theoretically be linked to their Arcana counterparts by using their representative character and personalities, compared with the meanings given to certain tarot cards.

There are multiple possibilities regarding how the Dishonored tarot deck aligns with the standard tarot deck, which can be found here.


  • In-universe, a modified version of the Dishonored Tarot Deck is used, called the "Game of Nancy Tarot Deck".
  • Another card game unrelated to the Game of Nancy is mentioned in Dishonored. During the mission The Royal Physician, a City Watch guard describes several types of hands to Earl, a lower guard, who doesn't accept his defeat at cards. In growing order: basic Pair, Two Pair, Tall Towers, Captain's Quarters, Dunwall, Royal Dunwall and The Lord Regent's Purse.
  • It is possible to tell which way up a card in the Dishonored deck has been dealt by looking at the Outsider symbol on the back.
  • The Minor Arcana can be used as common playing cards.


Special Edition

Major Arcana

Minor Arcana

Game of the Year Edition


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