Jessamine-Emily 1


女皇給艾米麗的信(Letter to Emily from the Empress)恥辱1主線和恥辱2主線中的一段錄音,由賈思敏·考德溫錄製。






(Emily, my daughter, I know that one day you’ll be grown up, and I wonder what you’ll remember of these years. Will you recall your time as a child with fondness? Or were there too many caretakers, formal dinners and lessons about boring old history? Maybe the precious hours we spent together will shine brighter - time captured now and then with your mother and with Corvo, who was always close to my heart. I hope the season of rats and plague will be nothing more than a passing shadow on your early memories. A crisis come and passed, weathered by your mother and her . You’ll sit on the throne someday, and will do well I hope. It’s a tricky life, full of responsibility and peril. It was not your choice to be the daughter of an Empress, but I believe you’ll rise to the challenge. Stay good-hearted, Emily. Keep drawing and telling stories. And only share your power with those you truly trust.)


  • 恥辱1中,重返高塔任務,頓沃塔內賈思敏的密室。
  • 恥辱2中,頓沃漫長的一天任務中,頓沃塔的皇家安全屋。
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