M brimsley

Mace Brimsley.

Mace Brimsley is an aristocratic male survivor encountered alongside his wife in the Flooded District.

He and his wife ended up in the Flooded District after Mrs. Brimsley caught the plague, and Mace feigned death along with her to be transported to the district.[1]


In low chaos Brimsley can be found as part of the Creating a Safe Haven side objective, wherein Corvo Attano can help a group of plague survivors escape death at the hands of the City Watch.

Brimsley and his wife fight often, and his complaints about her can be read in his journal.


  • In high chaos, he is found as a weeper, like all the other members of Blake's group.
  • Two Bottle Street gangsters can be heard talking about two other thugs robbing Brimsley. One is said to have hidden in a dumbwaiter all night during this robbery.
  • During the mission House of Pleasure, Bunting, the art dealer, confesses to Corvo that he once worshipped the Outsider with the Brimsleys at their home.
    • During Lady Boyle's Last Party, other aristocrats can be heard gossiping about the Brimsleys, attributing their financial success to their Outsider worship. They discuss other outrageous rumors, such as Mrs. Brimsley bathing in her own nephew's blood.
  • He shares the same character model as an aristocrat who can be found mourning over his son's death in the Flooded District.
  • There is evidence in Brimsley's journal to suggest that he is resistant to the plague.[1]
  • Lydia mentions that she sneaked into a party at the Brimsleys', describing her experience as "very strange".



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