Hiram Burrows Perp Walk


摄政王的供词(The Lord Regent’s Confession)耻辱1主线中由海勒姆·伯罗斯(Hiram Burrows)录制的一段录音


如果我解释,你们就会明白了,我没有错。我的消除贫困计划(Poverty Eradication Plan)原本是想给城里带来繁荣的,是帮我们摆脱那些把日子都浪费在猥琐的事情和酗酒上的无赖们的。那些人不同于乞讨要饭的人,他们居无定所,或者侵占他人住所。





(If I explain, then you will see, I am not at fault. My Poverty Eradication Plan was meant to bring prosperity to the City, to rid us of those scoundrels who waste their days in filth and drink, without homes or occupations other than to beg for the coin for which the rest of us toil.

And it was a simple plan – bring the disease bearing rats from the Pandyssian Continent, and let them take care of the poor for us. The plan worked perfectly. At first. But the rats – it was as if they sought to undo me. They hid from the catchers, and bred at a sickening rate. Soon it didn’t matter, rich, poor, all were falling sick.

And then people began to ask questions. The Empress assigned me to investigate whether the rats had been imported by a foreign power. I knew the truth would come out eventually. So there was no other way than to be rid of her, and take power myself. She had to die, you see. SHE HAD TO DIE.

Bringing about the death of an Empress is not an easy thing, but it gave me the chance to attack the plague with some real authority. Quarantines! Deportation of the sick! But there’s always some idiot woman searching for her wretched lost babe, or some sniveling workman searching for his missing wife. And then quarantine is broken!

But you can see how my plan should have worked? Would have worked! If everyone had just followed orders.)





  • 电脑和Xbox 360版本的耻辱1会在供词放进广播播放器的时候bug。听不到任何声音,但是游戏里的所有任务都会像听到了一样有所反应[1]


  1. Let's Play Dishonored 062 - Silent Justice ,bug可以在这段YouTube“BurningDogFace”2015年4月22日发布的视频中看到
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