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Wyrmwood Way and the Sixways Gang is a report quoted in The Return of Daud.


[Excerpt from a journalist's report on organized crime activity]

"You know how the Sixways Gang has operated all this time, for all those years? Well, I'll tell you. Fear. It's as simple as that. And their leader, Eat 'Em Up Jack, is the master of fear-he is the ringmaster of terror, and all of Wyrmwood Way is his circus. He understands that to instill fear-to truly make people believe it-requires more than just talk.

Fear needs spectacle.

Someone steals from him: he cuts off their hands. Someone speaks against him: he cuts out their tongue. Someone challenges his authority: he cuts off their head, sticks it on a pole, and dangles it out og the top window of the Suicide Hall for all to see.

And that's just within his own family.

Fear is a powerful tool indeed."


The report is quoted at the beginning of Chapter 5.