Wyrmwood Way (Issue 4)

Wyrmwood Way, the main thoroughfare of Wyrmwood District.

Wyrmwood District is a district in Dunwall. It was introduced in Dishonored: The Wyrmwood Deceit, though not mentioned by name, and in Dishonored: The Return of Daud.


Wyrmwood District is a small but densely built area hidden in the southwest of the city. It consists of Wyrmwood Way, which acts as its main thoroughfare, and smaller, twisted streets branching out from it. Wyrmwood Way, Mandragora Street, and four smaller roadways converged into a six-way intersection, forming a fairly large, open circular area, surrounded by tall buildings. Darrellson Street, which runs parallel with Wyrmwood Way to the North, marks the border that separates the district from the rest of Dunwall. The district seems much older than other parts of Dunwall, with its crooked, lopsided buildings, and worn out stones. [1]

In here, there are many peculiar shops that cater to more unusual tastes, selling occult artifacts and exotic trinkets. Notable establishments include Suicide Hall tavern, headquarters of the Sixways Gang, which located at the six-way intersection; and Jacko's Emporium, an apothecary on Mandragora Street. Travelers and customers are advised not to stray from Wyrmwood Way, lest they venture into areas that they are not welcomed. Indeed, the district is ruled by the Sixways Gang, whose notoriety dissuade the City Watch from operating anywhere south of Darrellson Street. Burned-out husks of buildings dotted the district, as the Overseers periodically set fire to buildings in halfhearted attempts to halt the trade in heretical and arcane goods. Each time the Overseers did so, however, they had to face the Sixways Gang in fierce street fighting. One such occasion, which is later known as the Battle of Mandragora Street, left dozens of them killed and the rest driven out.[1]



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