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Wynnedown location

Wynnedown depicted on a map.

Wynnedown, located on the isle's eastern shores, is the capital of Morley.[1] Overlooking the city is the royal palace situated on a cliff[2] and flanked by the prestigious University of Wynnedown with its spiraling towers and graceful spires.[2] Law is maintained by the capital's police force called the Wynnedown Constabulary,[3] which is a part of the Royal Morley Constabulary.

Due to the cost and scarcity of whale oil, which is largely exported to Gristol, not much of the technology powered by it can be seen in Wynnedown, making it appear stuck in the past.[4]


According to a legend, the area that is now known as Wynnedown was controlled by a powerful coven of witches in the distant past. The witches, impressed by their offering of performative and intellectual arts, are said to have let the migrating people settle there under the condition that they never stop creating and learning. That is thought to be one of the reasons for the constant inventiveness and innovation that the people of Morley possess, along with the belief that the Witches of Wynnedown never left and the price they agreed to still needs to be paid.[4]


  • The Wynnedown Constabulary is named Wynnedown Guard in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.[5]
  • Wynnedown has a warehouse district.[6]
  • At the outskirts of Wynnedown there is a pub beloved by the locals, called the Whale & Kitten.[6]