River Patrol

A River Patrol boat.

The Wrenhaven River Patrol is a division of the City Watch that enforces the laws of Dunwall across the Wrenhaven River and its tributaries. The Patrol mainly checks and examines boats moving along the river, ensures that travelers carry the proper documentation for such travel, and combats river pirates such as the Dead Eels.[1]

During the events of The Brigmore Witches, the River Patrol has lost control of the Drapers Ward Riverfront to the Dead Eels, just as the City Watch couldn't handle the Hatters in the rest of Drapers Ward, leaving both gangs fighting over the whole district.

During the events of The Corroded Man, Commander Kittredge leads the forces of the River Patrol.[2]


  • Captain Rutherford was a Patrol Officer who was killed by the Dead Eels.[3]
  • Manly Hotchkins is also a Patrol Officer who reported an attack on the merchant vessel, The Windover.[1]


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