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'''Woes Plague Beleaguered Dunwall''' is a newspaper article found in ''[[Dishonored 2]]''.
'''Woes Plague Beleaguered Dunwall''' is a newspaper article found in ''[[Dishonored 2]]''.

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High res flooded district

Woes Plague Beleaguered Dunwall is a newspaper article found in Dishonored 2.


Dunwall's troubles have multiplied of late, calling into question the very efficacy and intentions of our Empress. As evidence that Emily Kaldwin has forsaken us we need to look no further than Rudshore Financial, more commonly called the Flooded District! Though recently drained, we dare not celebrate, as the area is still riddled with maintenance problems remaining from its time underwater! With so many unable to find work, would this not be the perfect moment to unveil a grand scheme to restore this once-posh area?

Alas, no further considerations have been proposed! Nor has the Empress submitted solutions for the current whale oil shortage, even as we endure rationing and discomfort. The picture of incompetent leadership is completed when you add to all this the periodic "accidental" citizen deaths at the hands of the Dunwall City Watch, all while Captain Mortimer Ramsey – appointed by our Empress – maintains the perfect innocence of those men and women in uniform who are supposed to protect us!


The article can be found in multiple locations throughout the Dunwall Courier office during the mission A Long Day in Dunwall.

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