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A windmill set at the Campo Seto Dockyards.

Windmills are an alternative source of energy found in Karnaca. They convert the wind currents blowing through Shindaerey Peak and the city into a stable energy feed for Karnaca's need.

Two versions exists: small ones are efficient enough to power a wall of light while large ones are used for industrial and mining activities. The latter require the Wind Corridor to channel powerful wind currents over the Dust District and into their blades.

Duke Luca Abele had the Grand Serkonan Guard install small windmills all around Karnaca to power his security devices. The lever at the base of their turbine is used as a brake to block the blades, effectively shutting down the power feed to nearby walls of light. This is mainly used when the wind blows too strong, which can overcharge walls of light. Maintenance of the windmills is the responsibility of engineer crews, whose duties are detailed in the book Windmill Operation.

Small windmills can be disabled via a maintenance panel, which in turn is accessed by small elevated platform. Alternatively, the blades can be destroyed with an explosion. They can also be temporarily overcharged using Windblast, which will overcharge walls of light for short periods. An overcharged wall of light becomes unstable and releases electric discharges to every neaby objects and living creatures whenever it electrocutes something. Interestingly, the dust storms in Dust District don't overcharge windmills.