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William Trimble is a character found in The Brigmore Witches. He functions as a nurse for the leader of the Hatters and is commonly referred to as "Nurse Trimble".


In his earlier years, Trimble studied at the the Academy of Natural Philosophy; however, after a particularly fierce argument with his enemy, Piero Joplin, the two decided to settle the matter with a duel. Armed with pistols, they shot numerous times, completely missing each other.

As neither man was harmed, it was decided that the dispute would be settled through a coin toss. Trimble lost and was forced to leave the Academy.[1]

The Brigmore Witches

Trimble keeps the Geezer alive using a series of machines installed in the textile mill, continuing his experiments using the Geezer as his test subject[2]while keeping the old man drugged and running the Hatters himself. Possessing his own laboratory at The Mill, he also dissects rats, makes potions, and introduces new Sokolov technology to the Hatters.




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