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William Trimble, most commonly referred to as Nurse Trimble, is a character found in The Brigmore Witches. He functions as a nurse for the leader of the Hatters, and assumed effective control of the gang due to the debilitated state of the Geezer.


In his earlier years, Trimble studied at the the Academy of Natural Philosophy; however, after a particularly fierce argument with his enemy, Piero Joplin, the two decided to settle the matter with a duel. Armed with pistols, they shot numerous times, completely missing each other.

As neither man was harmed, it was decided that the dispute would be settled through a coin toss. Trimble lost and was forced to leave the Academy.[1]

The Brigmore Witches[]

Trimble keeps the Geezer alive using a series of machines installed in the textile mill, continuing his experiments using the Geezer as his test subject[2]while keeping the old man drugged and running the Hatters himself. Possessing his own laboratory at The Mill, he also dissects rats, makes potions, and introduces new Sokolov technology to the Hatters.


  • Nurse Trimble is voiced by Enn Reitel.
  • Trimble is also named "Nurse Greenhow" in at least one of the DLC's files.
  • After his failure during his duel with Piero, Trimble practiced with his pistol, eventually becoming as good as any member of the City Watch.
  • William Trimble uses an Officer's Sword in combat.
  • Trimble takes a dose of antitoxin every day, making him immune to the toxic gas that is dispersed throughout the Mill if the Geezer dies.
    • This is shown to be true, as if Daud kills the Geezer and the toxic gas is dispersed, Trimble will be the only one besides Daud (assuming the master assasin has taken the antitoxin beforehand) who will be unaffected. He will then attempt to kill Daud.
  • Even though Trimble is not an official assassination target, if Daud kills him with a sword, he has a death animation matching that of Custis Pendleton. He is the only character in the Brigmore Witches DLC to reuse a death animation.
  • Trimble's first name is only mentioned in the game's file listing assassination targets for The Brigmore Witches. He also has his own target portrait despite never being used in-game.