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"It's Daud, isn't it? You wouldn't be in this district unless you were after Timsh's head."
—Wiles to Daud


Wiles Roland is a masked male prisoner optionally encountered by Daud during the second mission in The Knife of Dunwall DLC.


Roland was once a businessman and aristocrat living in the Legal District; however, sometime before the events of The Knife of Dunwall, Arnold Timsh accused Roland and his wife of being plague carriers, seizing their property and having them deported to the Flooded District. Roland explains to Daud that the accusation against him was just one of many that Barrister Timsh had made in recent months, as he stole the wealth and property of Dunwall's aristocratic families.

The Knife of Dunwall[]

His wealth, status, and wife lost, Roland escaped the Flooded District and began to plot revenge against Timsh. However, he was intercepted and imprisoned in a condemned building on Pudding Street by a Watch Lower Guard named Simmons on his way to retrieve the supplies for his plot. When Daud encounters him, Roland offers the assassin a reward in return for overthrowing Timsh, the means to do so detailed in a journal in his condemned apartment. This interaction unlocks the non-lethal elimination for the mission, Eminent Domain.

If Daud returns to the building after neutralizing Timsh, he will find that Roland has vanished.


  • A Letter from Roland can be found on Arnold Timsh's desk on the fourth floor of his estate, thanking Timsh for inviting the Rolands to dinner, suggesting that they used to be on friendly terms before the seizure.
    • In the letter, Roland mentions that his wife had an "episode" during dinner, and thanks Timsh for showing patience and "considerable grace" in regard to it.
  • Roland wears the same mask as Byron Alderdice in Lady Boyle's Last Party.
    • Unlike regular aristocrats Roland's eyes are discolored like those of a weeper, suggesting that he may be infected with the plague.
  • Even if Daud unlocks and opens the front doors of the building in which Roland is imprisoned, the aristocrat will not try to escape and will continue to act as though the doors are locked.
  • According to his journal, Roland gave the cultist in Apartment 10 a rune in exchange for help against Timsh.
  • Roland mentions that when his wife was taken away, he "broke someone's nose," even though he had never been in a fight before and "didn't even know [he] could fight."
  • Roland warns Daud about the Flooded District and how horrible the place is, not realizing that Daud and his Whalers are actually based there.
  • Roland will disappear after Timsh is either killed or arrested.