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Whispers from the Void, by Barnoli Mulani [4] is a book found in Death of the Outsider.


Treatise on the Physical Existence of that Foreign Realm [Excerpt]

If the difficulties of reaching the Void are neither practical nor moral, then we must reflect upon the ethical.

If the Void is only presented to those at the threshold of death, then one must glean that death is required in order to breach whatever barrier stands between our world and that world of unfathomable legend.

I am not suggesting we begin some heretical practice of human sacrifice! But consider this: there are people within our society who have made it their purpose in life to trouble the hardworking citizen of the empire through sloth, thievery, and murder.

The execrable persons are not fit to live among us. With the cooperation of the Abbey of the Everyman and the Academy of Natural Philosophy, a device might be constructed to trap these social vermin at a point of fatal pain so that the Void might be properly accessed and studied. Morbid experiments, to be sure, but necessary for the criminals who lie within our walls to be turned to a grander purpose. Here, they might be of use at their moment of death as they never where in their life!

This is but my own modest proposal.


  • This book can be found on a shelf, along with the three previous books, in the sleeping quarters of Shan Yun's house during the mission Follow the Ink.
  • It can also be found on a desk in Ivan Jacobi's office during the mission Follow the Ink.