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The Void.

Whispers from the Void, By Barnoli Mulani [1] is a book found in both Dishonored 2, Death of the Outsider, and Dishonored: The Return of Daud.


Treatise on the Physical Existence of that Foreign Realm [Excerpt]

It is a common story: A person has stopped breathing, pinned under carriage wheels or some other tragic happenstance, and is thought to be dead. But when the weight is removed - they make a quick recovery! But nonetheless, for a moment or two, this person was lost to us, lost to the world itself.

And what did they experience while in this temporary death? Darkness? Nothingness? No, indeed not! They tell us, as so many before have, that they were in a particular place, and can describe it vividly.

And who among us does not know the place? Have we not all seen it in our dreams? This place we share, in the farthest reaches of our minds. The realm where nothing makes sense, where one is at once both lost and at home. The Void.


  • This book can be found in multiple locations in Dishonored 2:
  • In Death of the Outsider the book is found upon a couch on the second floor of the Spector Club near the stairway going down.
  • In The Return of Daud, the book is quoted in the prologue.