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Dishonored 2 Whale render
"…[A]rguments on the 'gentle nature' of the brutes… [are] refuted by seamen who return to shore, wide-eyed with tales of the whales' savagery."
—The Leviathans' Sorrow[1]

Whales are enormous waterbound creatures in the world of the Dishonored franchise that are hunted for their blubber, meat, bones, and most importantly, their oil.


Described as "creatures of beauty and sadness", whales are supernatural animals, associated with natural wonder, spirituality, and aesthetics.[2] They have multiple fins running down their sides, large, sharp teeth, and barbels hanging from their maws.

In detail, they sport four fins in total, one set of which is larger and sits pectorally while the other set is smaller and located on the pelvis. The four barbels that attach just behind their eyes sit in line with the upper jaw and are grouped into two sets of two, one set on each side of their bodies. Literary sources imply there might be individuals with even more barbels than just four, as reference has been made to a "mass of tentacles [hanging] around [one whale's] mouth"[3]. Their bodies are a dark blue color on top and a lighter cream or grey color on the bottom. Some individuals have ten to twelve brown stripes running perpendicularly across the top of their bodies while others can be seen with solid colored bodies but pockmark-like bumps covering the top of their heads. Their eyes are round, with blue or yellow sclerae and black, circular pupils. Unlike extant real life whales, which feature only teeth or baleen, whales in the Dishonored franchise have teeth and baleen running along the inside of the upper jaw, enabling them to both filter feed and catch and kill larger prey. Their oil is stored in an organ located in the pelvic region. They notably do not have a blowhole.

Whaling trawlers hunt them in great numbers for their oil, which is the main source of energy in Gristol, Karnaca, and other places. Due to the prevalance of whaling, whale meat is one of the more common dishes in the Empire, and can be found in many kitchens, while canned products such as Potted Dabokva Whale Meat is also popular. Whale bones, as a byproduct, can be found in many places, and sometimes used to as treats for Wolfhounds. Unbeknownst to most people, however, their bones are also prized for the creation of runes and bone charms.

While whales are seen as dangerous and violent animals by most, there are a few people who perceive them as intelligent creatures, such as Pacotti and natural philosopher Douglas Church. They are also seasonal creatures, migrating around the world for the best food.

The Knife of Dunwall[]

The Knife of Dunwall DLC features a whale slaughterhouse with a live whale attached to a life-sustaining invention of Anton Sokolov that is designed to maximize its output of whale oil. If he so chooses, Daud can electrocute the whale to end its suffering.

In order to follow Granny's Recipe, which can be found in the first section of the mission A Captain of Industry, Daud must remove the eye of the whale after triggering the electroshock.

Death of the Outsider[]

Whale In Void

A whale floating in the Void.

Several whales can be found floating in the part of the Void known as the Ritual Hold, circling the resting place and physical body of the Outsider. Also, an audiograph can be found in the cultist's headquarter, in which one cultist speaks about the song of the whales.


  • Piero Joplin claims to have read about "land-going whales deep in the Pandyssian interior".
  • The whales of the Dishonored franchise share several characteristics with the Livyatan melvillei, an extinct species of ancient sperm whale, the most obvious similarities being the large crown of the head and shape of the jaws. The in-universe whale is also sometimes referred to as a "leviathan", which was the original scientific name of the L. melvillei.
  • Whales exist in the physical world and the Void simultaneously.[4]