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Whaleoiltank crop

A whale oil tank.

Whale oil is primarily stored and utilized in the form of specialized tanks, which power all of Dunwall's technology. The tanks are plugged into magnetic sockets that can be found attached to all Sokolov technology. As such, the tank only needs to be brought near the socket, and the magnetism will allow it to insert itself into the power source. This is an easy task and can be done by simple workmen and lower guardsmen.[1]

As the tanks are clear, one can easily tell when a whale oil tank is empty and must be replaced. They appear to be quite heavy, as guards are seen carrying full tanks over their shoulders.


  • Whale oil tanks that are exposed to heat or pressure will explode in a bright, hot flash, and as such, Corvo Attano can throw one of these tanks to serve as an improvised explosive.
  • Tanks carried by the City Watch will drop and explode when the guard is taken down, lethally or not, and alert others nearby. It is advised to leave such guards alone if attempting a clean run.
  • All technology can be disabled by shooting the whale oil tank. However, some tanks are protected by metal covers often marked with a small symbol of a Whale inside a triangle, both locked and unlocked, making it impossible to shoot the tank from afar.


  • As with many technologies, the designs of whale oil tanks in Dunwall and Karnaca are different. Whale oil tanks in Karnaca, which are made by a company called Daiger-Dial Storage, look more elegant with many curved lines and rounded corners. The ones used in Dunwall have a much more industrial look, with straight lines, exposed bolts, and octagonal glass cylinders instead of rounded ones.