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Piero's whale oil refilling station.

Whale Oil Refilling Station is a written note found in Dishonored.


Sokolov no longer has the upper hand with regard to supplies of whale oil. The good Admiral has paid for the installation of my own system, which will enable me to work in this place.

The Oil Tank Dispenser, when activated, will produce an empty vessel for filling.

When the empty tank is near the Oil Tank Refill Pump, the magnetic attractor should take the tank and lock it in the correct configuration. Using the lever will begin the refilling process.

Once refilling is completed, the tank can be removed and placed in service. Extreme caution must be used in handling the full tanks. They are quite unstable.

The system is sound and well-engineered. It appears that the Greaves Oil Company has done something correctly, for once.


It can be found on the desk on the second floor of Piero's Workshop.