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Welcoming Speech

Welcoming Speech is an audiograph found in Dishonored 2, recorded by Aramis Stilton and Lucia Pastor.


Lucia Pastor
I know you're all ready to begin. Our speaker tonight is none other than Aramis Stilton, who owns the mines where those you love toil beneath the ground. Mister Stilton is known for his fairness, and that reputation is not for show.

Welcome to the stage, a friend to the Miners' Family Committee, Aramis Stilton.

Aramis Stilton
Good workers, good people, thank you for having me. Our annual dinner is always a special time and I cherish the conversations and the toasts as we renew our bonds.

My closest friend in this world, whose name some of you will no doubt guess, is known for this saying: "we rise together with the same dawn. We feel that same wind on our faces. We fish the same Ocean." These are words worth remembering, spoken by a man who fills my heart with joy.

As you dine tonight, surrounded by your families and the other miners from the teams, let those words echo in your thoughts. And above all, please enjoy yourselves. You've all earned it.


The audiograph can be found on a desk on the fourth floor in the Overseer outpost in Dust District during the mission of the same name.


  • An alternate version of this audiograph can be found in the game's file under the name "Introducing Aramis Stilton". It is missing Stilton's lines.