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Welcome to the Red Camellia Beauty Parlor is a written note found in Death of the Outsider.


The illustrious Red Camellia has welcomed Karnaca's elite since founder Eolina Rey opened a modest hairdressing shop by the harbor. Today, our salon provides beautifying care and spa treatments to distinguished patrons from around the Isles.

Standard Services:

Scissored Hairdressing - Wash, Trim & Set - 25 coin
Serkonos Mineral Wash - Wash, Rinse & Set - 60 coin
Full-Spectrum Hair Tinting - Vibrant Tints Add Luster to Your Locks - 75 coin

Signature Treatments:

Fetal Rat Paste Facial - Attain a Glowing Complexion - 225 coin
Living Leech Treatment - Draw Out Your Inner Beauty - 250 coin
Addermire Solution Injections - Ease the Ravages of Time - 300 coin

Karnaca Spa Package: Let your beauty flower with a day at the Camellia! Your choice of manicure, pedicure, massage, and choice of facial treatment. *Reservations are limited*


This note can be found in the Red Camellia, on the stand at the front and on some chairs next to the unrestricted corridor, during the mission Follow the Ink.