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Weeper Identification and Handling is a book that can be found in Dishonored.


[Excerpt from notes by Dr. Galvani on proper procedure for handling those infected with plague]

Once a victim bleeds from the eyes, you cannot help them. Death is inevitable, given our current understanding of the plague. However, by following protocol we can limit its spread.

All personnel handling "weepers", or those in the final stages, must consume liberal amounts of one of the available protective potions. Any of the variants will serve this purpose: Sokolov's Elixir or Piero's Remedy, for instance. A dose per day for the enlisted man. A dose twice daily for officers.

Distance must be maintained, either through the use of pole arms or incendiary ranged weapons, in order to avoid the parasitic stinging insects that colonize an infected host.

After use, strict washing procedures must be followed with regard to washing the metal kennels, transport paddocks, and the carriages used to transport the infected to one of the deportation zones, such as the Flooded District.