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An alerted watchtower.

A watchtower is a metal tower fitted with a floodlight that sweeps important areas in Dunwall and Karnaca.


Watchtowers are stationary, and swivel in order to surveil an area using a large spotlight. They are automated, meaning that it is possible to rewire them using a rewire tool in order to set them against the City Watch and their allies. When a hostile enters the tower's illumination, its spotlight will turn red and the tower will fire explosive bolts at the target. The tower's attack range extends to extreme distances after a hostile is detected.

Watchtowers are indestructible, highly dangerous and are best avoided or disabled. They can, like other automated defenses, be disabled by removing the whale oil tank powering them, or by using a rewire tool as previously mentioned. The oil tanks and rewiring panels are always on the top portion of the tower itself.



Dishonored 2[]

Death of the Outsider[]

  • 1 abandoned in mission 1: One Last Fight
  • 1 being disassembled in mission 4:


A Watchtower firing explosive bolts