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Warning from Aunt Lucy is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


My Dear Little Stephano,
Your letter frightened me!

I think the person who visited you was the Outsider. Were his eyes black and oily like a terrible sea on a starless night? That's how you know.

He's offered you a gift, am I right? But a strange gift! You think you don't want it, but still you feel that taking it is the only thing to do.

And of course he asked for something in return. Sexual "favors" is what he demanded, am I right? No need to be ashamed, my dear nephew, as I too received his visit when I was your age. Many times he appeared on my bedroom balcony. I was too weak to resist. And that's how I was cursed with an untreatable pox.

I can't tell you any more until I see you in person!

I hope this gets to you in time.

Aunt Lucy


This note can be found on the belt of Stephano, a civilian listening to the musicians near the black market shop in the Palace District in the mission The Grand Palace. The musicians, thus Stephano and the note, are only present if two or fewer black market shops have been robbed before the mission.