A Warfare Overseer.

The Warfare Overseers, or simply Overseers, are a militant faction within the Abbey of the Everyman, sworn to combat those who associate themselves with the Outsider. They are chosen through a system in which veteran Overseers carefully observe and study those with the proper inclination to become future Overseers.

Once the cycle ends, they are then taken from their homes to an outpost, where they are further assessed and evaluated. On the last night of the Month of Rain, they begin the pilgrimage to Whitecliff where, during an elaborate ceremony, it is determined which of the children will become Overseers and those that would be "put down."

Overseers are generally feared by the populace for their brutality, and despised by the city watch for their zealotry. Extremist and brutal, their religious zealotry goes to the point that two city watch officers claim that a group of overseers declared a woman a "witch" because her voice was off-tone during a performance.


Overseers wear golden masks with a symbol that resembles a crescent with a trident passing through it horizontally.


Overseers can use technological devices attached to their abdomens, known as the "Overseer music box", which negates the power of supernatural abilities granted by the Outsider. They are also highly durable, being immune to frontal head-shots due to their masks, and can also command wolfhounds.

In combat, Overseers fight with both swords and pistols, and occasionally throw grenades.


  • Originally, Overseers were designed as "Witch Hunters". Their original appearance was similar to the members of the Spanish Inquisition.
  • If you point the heart at overseers, it claims in general dialogue, that the overseer in question "watched as his parents were tortured for the worship of the Outsider". This suggests that those with the "proper inclination" are actually the sons of heretics and apostates, brainwashed into the service of the Abbey.


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