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Voracious asleep in the Kennels.

"And there’s you, Voracious, there you are. My sick boy. I’ll fetch you a treat later tonight. Oh you know that word, do you?"
—A worried Overseer to a sleeping Voracious.

Voracious is a minor character and animal who appears in Dishonored during the mission, High Overseer Campbell.

Voracious is one of a number of wolfhounds trained to accompany and fight alongside the Overseers during their patrols throughout Dunwall. He normally is kept within the Kennels at the Office of the High Overseer.


During the time when Corvo Attano comes to the Office of the High Overseer to deal with Thaddeus Campbell, Voracious has fallen ill with an unknown malady.

Due to this ailment, Voracious has become quite temperamental and prone to fits of violence, leading Hound Master Warton to confine him in a cage away from the other hounds. After writing a note warning of Voracious’ condition, the Hound Master has gone to fetch medicine for the sick beast.

As an added precaution, Warton has posted another note by the lever on the wolfhound’s cage controls to prevent any accidental release of Voracious.


  • Voracious is kept in Cage D of the Kennels. When first spotted he is asleep.
    • Opening his cage always awakens him.
  • Should Voracious be freed from his cage, he will wander about the Kennels and attack anyone he sees, including Overseers and other wolfhounds.
    • Even though they are warned of his condition, the Overseers will not immediately turn hostile to Voracious until after he attacks him. This also holds true for the other woflhounds.
  • If he becomes aware of others, including wolfhounds that are caged, he will bark. Unlike other wolfhounds, this barking will not alert the Overseers. This is most likely due to the Overseers realizing he is sick.
  • Voracious has much higher health than normal wolfhounds. It usually takes a single bolt or bullet fired at point blank range to kill a hound but four normal bolts or three normal bullets are needed to put down Voracious.