"Then she saw them - huge, silhouetted shapes, moving in the light, throwing long, stretched shadows over the slave workers."
—Transformed voidrite miners.

Voidrite miners are practically slave laborers, who are forced by the Leviathan Company to mine the voidrite or Void stones. These miners came from all over the Isles, initially joined as workers for the Leviathan Causeway construction project in Alba, but were declared dead in various accidents. In truth, they were kidnapped by the company,[1] transported inside the enormous Void rift which cut Alba in half, where a deposit of voidrite was found. Due to dangerous nature of voidrite and the Void itself, the company use these expendable miners to extract and transport the Void stones. Without protective equipment, these miners are constantly exposed the dangerous effects of voidrite. They are no longer lucid and don't seem to have any awareness of their surroundings. They keep on working, without complaint, no matter how grueling the job is. Their exposed skin started to be transformed into cold, metallic stone.[2]

Those who worked in the mine long enough are turned into supernatural creatures not unlike the Envisioned. They are huge, towering over a person, with elongated limbs. Their entire bodies are made of jagged, angled shards of living Void rocks. Their arms end in thin but wickedly sharp triangular claws, which are actually used to break down voidrite, and dump them into basket for their human counterparts to carry. The transformation process seems to be much more accelerated compare to that of the Envisioned, thanks to the close proximity with voidrite, since the Leviathan project started only a year prior. Unlike the "normal" miners, these creatures have at least some cognitive ability as one of them captured an intruder, who infiltrated the Void rift to learn about Leviathan Company's plan.[3]


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