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Void Gaze's ability icon.

Void Gaze is a supernatural ability in The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches. A combination of Corvo Attano's Dark Vision and the Heart, it allows Daud to see creatures and key objects through walls, as well as detecting bone charms and runes. Void Gaze costs 20% of Daud's total mana, making it one of only three powers (along with Blink and Pull when used on objects) in the DLC which can be used indefinitely without running out of mana.

Ability tiers[]

Tier I - (0 runes)[]

Void gaze1

Tier I Void Gaze.

With Tier I Void Gaze, Daud can determine the location of runes and bone charms, and see in the dark.

Tier II - (2 runes)[]

Daud void gaze tire 2

Tier II Void Gaze.

With Tier II Void Gaze, creatures, lines of sight, weapons, mechanisms and other items of interest are highlighted for Daud, even through walls. Additionally, the range of any sound that other characters may react to is represented visually.

Usage tips[]

  • While Void Gaze is a useful ability in tight spaces, the range of detection is short, and can hinder Daud's awareness of danger in large, open areas.
    • All objects outside the range of Void Gaze appear roughly the same color, making them difficult to distinguish visually.
  • Void Gaze can only detect runes and bone charms in a limited range.
  • Void Gaze cannot detect written notes and books.


  • Corvo's variation of this power, Dark Vision, has a very similar icon. The main difference is that his is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise.
  • People and animals appear yellow, food, valuable items, runes, bone charms, equipment, keys and Sokolov paintings appear green, and security systems appear blue.