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Voices is an achievement/trophy in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

How to Acquire[]

To unlock this achievement, Billie Lurk has to hit the four censers in the Oraculum's room in the mission The Stolen Archive. Doing so will let the Oracular Sisters' mummies in the room tell prophecies. Hearing a single prophecy is enough for this achievement.

The Prophecies[]

There are five prophecies that will play in random order when the censers are hit, as follows:

  • "What does she hold in her hand? Her fingers grasp it greedily."
  • "What is this darkness? What is this end to all sight?"
  • "Tell them to cull the rats. Place poison in the streets. These vermin carry secrets and disease."
  • "Fine bones and fine threads of hair. She keeps both close. It is dead, yes, long dead. It is repulsive heresy."
  • "It is fading, sisters. I can see no further."