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"Who do you want me to be tonight, Lord Pendleton?"
—Violetta, addressing Custis Pendleton at the Golden Cat

Violetta is a minor character who appears in Dishonored during the House of Pleasure mission. She is one of a number of courtesans working for Madame Prudence at the Golden Cat bath house.

Violetta can be found in one of two locations in the Golden Cat: either the Gold Room or the Smoking Room, both of which are located on the third floor of the pleasure establishment. She often role-plays and dresses for clients according to their tastes. Her personality seems very submissive, as she appears eager to please her aristocratic clients despite the possibility of her own discomfort.

During the course of the House of Pleasure mission, she is assigned to Custis Pendleton, in whose company she will be found, regardless of which room she is in.


  • Though never directly revealed during her conversation with Custis, Violetta's name can be discovered in the Golden Cat Guest Ledger in the front lobby.
  • According to some of her friends, Violetta looks like Lady Boyle, a fact of which she seems particularly proud; however, it is not stated which of the three Boyle women she resembles.
    • However, during their time together, Custis suggests she should dress as Waverly Boyle so that he could "teach her a lesson,". This suggests not only that she actually resembles Waverly, but also that said "lesson" will be of an uncomfortable and possibly violent nature.
      • In reply, Violetta asks if she should dress in white, black, or red. This alludes to the three costumes worn by the Boyle women during the mission, Lady Boyle's Last Party.
  • Should Custis Pendleton be removed from the room and Violetta not be aware of Corvo Attano's presence (such as Corvo using possession on Custis to get him to leave), she will fall to her knees with her head hung low and remain in the room.