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Vera Moray.

Vera Moray's Belongings is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


2nd Day, Month of Seeds, 1810


Seems like our VIP guest, Mrs. Vera Moray, has finally flown 'round the bend. She's been sent to the Critical Observation area, getting cold showers every three hours and the like. I heard one of the doctors say she might have contracted some nameless disease on an expedition to Pandyssia. Another eccentric aristocrat, trying too hard to live a life beyond us ordinary folk.

Anyway, some of her stuff was still in her room, so I'll store it all in Lost and Found down in the basement, until she's sent back to her husband. He's in for a nice surprise, considering how she spends her time now talking to herself and carving obscenities into pieces of bone. Just remember to give everything back to her when she checks out.



The note can be found in the sealed basement of the Addermire Institute during the mission The Good Doctor.


  • The rune mentioned can also be found in the basement, implying Gus either forgot to return it or had been swayed by its power.