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Uses for Hagpearls is a written note found in Death of the Outsider.



Here's what you asked for. Weren't too hard to find. But you know they're not real pearls, right? Six years at sea should have taught you that!

Hagfish spit them up when they ate something bad. A rat falls in their mouth and two weeks later a bunch of these come out, waxy and full of little bones. Or they swallowed up the silver teeth out of a dead man's head, and it's made them too heavy to swim right. Either way, it means they shove these things out one end or another. Probably why they smell awful.

When they dry out they turn stiff, and I've seen street kids pitch them at folks with slings. But dockworkers say they're unlucky- cut open a hagfish belly and a bunch of these pour out, you'd better take care.

Your gran used to collect them. Had a string of them around her wrist and when she wanted someone's luck to run, she'd whisper their name to it and slip it in their pocket. Worked half the time, at least.

Might help you out someday. Who knows. Just don't eat one.

Visit again soon.

-Aunt Flora


This note can be found on a table near Jeanette Lee in the Albarca Baths during the mission One Last Fight.