The purpose of this blog is to list all documents that can be found ingame (By mission, location, and type) and to be a guide for anyone wanting to do a playthrough without missing any crucial or otherwise interesting scriptures. Barring a few exceptions, only the first appearance of a duplicate document is listed. You won't find "Bonecharms" listed under Dishonored 2, since that particular book is found in the first game, for instance.

European floor numbering is used.

Work in progress.



Note: Anonymous message

Interrogation room
Note: Duty Officer's Report (Desk)
Audiograph: Interrogation of the Royal Protector ^
Book: The Trials of Aptitude (Back room shelf)

Dunwall Sewers
Note: Note From a Friend (Pinned on crate after first door)
Book: Damien's Journal (Immediately left after diving section)
Note: To the Lord Protector (Gear case)
Note: Jelly's Share (Next to safe)
Note: Dead Hermit's Note (Hermit's boarded-up hideout on left side of guard-patrolled area after dropping down)

Hound Pits Pub, before Outsider visit
Book: Mysteries of Pandyssia (Samuel's shack)
     First floor, bunk area
Book: Litany On the White Cliff (Shelf)
Book: Harpooner Songs (Bunk)
Book: The Shadow on Bitterleaf (Shelf in bathroom near ^)
Book: The Young Prince of Tyvia ^
     First floor, Admiral Havelock's room
Book: Admiralty and the Fleet (Nightstand)
Book: A Gaffer's Tale, Vol 1 ^
Book: A Gaffer's Tale, Vol 2 (On floor next to desk)
Book: Havelock Log (Desk, gets updated after every mission)
Audiograph: Havelock's Log: Entry One (Desk)
     First floor, Lord Pendleton's room
Audiograph: Pendleton's Arrival (Desk)
     Emily's tower
Book: The Fugue Feast (Desk)
Book: Call to the Spheres, Vol 1 (Cabinet)
     Piero's workshop
Note: Piero's Request is Denied (First table)
Book: A Second Solution ^
Book: Sokolov Technology and the New Age (Under second table)
Note: Piero's Door to Nowhere (First floor, stuck on wall next to painted bricks)
Book: Dead Counter Responsibilities (Chair)
Book: Failed Experiments ^
Book: Whale Vivisection (Bed)
Book: Whale Oil Processing (Desk)
Note: Whale Oil Refilling Station ^
Audiograph: Piero Considers Life Energy ^

Hound Pits Pub, after Outsider visit
Note: Fallen Letter (In Void next to Jessamine)
Note: Emily's Letter (In Void carried by Emily)
Book: The Journal of Granny Rags (Corvo's room, chair, with Void Walkers Arsenal DLC)
Book: Early Life and Criminal Record: Slackjaw ^
Book: Field Survey Notes: the Royal Spy ^
Book: Rumors and Sightings: Daud ^
Audiograph: Callista Prepares a Lesson Plan (Desk in Emily's tower)
Audiograph: Lord Pendleton Memoirs: Chapter 27 (Desk in Lord Pendleton's room)
Audiograph: Havelock's Log: Entry Two (Desk in Admiral Havelock's room)
Book: The Exquisite Tallboy (Table in bar)
Audiograph: Piero's Speculation on the Spirit (First table in Piero's workshop)


Note: Arthur's Note (In front of sewer grate right before first guard)
Book: Death in the Month of Songs (Bonecharm hideout at end of bridge)
Note: Note to Sergeant Heyburn (Guard post near first wall of light)
Note: Lookout's Orders (On rooftop above Granny Rags' place)
Book: Mother's Journal (Table in apartment near Griff's cell)
Book: Timeless Children's Rhymes (Mattress near ^)
Book: Bone Charms (Table with bonecharm above Griff's cell)
Book: The Eradication of Black Sally (On balcony railing opposite Dr. Galvani's Offices)

Dr. Galvani's Offices
     Ground floor
Book: The Third Stricture (Bunk in left room)
Book: Avoiding the Rat Plague (Table near ^)
Book: Customs and Food of Morley (Table in right room)
Note: Feeding Log (Table in front of rat room)
     First floor
Book: Dr. Galvani's Journal (Table in bedroom)
Book: Travel to Pandyssia (Table near left door)
     Second floor, laboratory
Note: Cleaning Instructions (Near glass doors)
Note: Galvani Academy Notice (Lab table)
Book: Rat Behavior and Extermination (Desk)
Book: The Rat Plague (Second lab table)
Book: The Leviathans' Sorrow (Drawer in back room)
Audiograph: Galvani's Speculation (Desk)
Book: Sewer Capacity in the Month of Nets (Locker in secret room)

Old Dunwall Distillery
Book: The Elixir Black Market (Table in area on left after first stairs)
Note: Recipe for Craxton (Desk in crank wheel room)
Book: The Distillery District (Table behind ^)
Note: Bootleg Still Instructions (Stuck to elixir still in Slackjaw's office)
Book: Elixir Accounts (Desk near ^)

Note: Confiscated Rune (With rune in guard post after second wall of light)
Note: Curnow's Visit (On counter in connecting room right after saving Martin)

High Overseer's Office
     Ground floor and basement
Book: The Seven Strictures (Shelf immediately after entering through main doors)
Panel: Various (In left and right rooms with burial urns)
Note: My Girls (On mattress in Campbell's secret room)
Audiograph: Campbell's Lamentation (Locker near ^)
Book: Whelping and Training Hounds (Table near bunk)
Book: The Seventh Stricture (Bunk)
Note: Loot Cache ^
Note: Sick Hound (On left dog cage)
Note: Do Not Use This Lever (On set of levers near ^)
     First floor, archive
Book: The Movements of Corvo Attano (Desk with talking Overseer)
Book: Disclosure Log 965 (Bench left of ^)
Book: The Second Stricture (Desk in corner near doors to interrogation room)
Book: Confiscation Log 2749 (Small bookshelf near ^)
Book: The Fourth Stricture (On top of bookshelf above ^)
Book: On Branding Heretics (Large desk)
Book: Deposition Log 73826 (Bench near ^)
     Second floor, interrogation room office
Book: The Great Trials (Under chair)
Audiograph: Whaler Assassin Interrogation (Desk)

Back Yard
Book: Abductee Manifest (Table in small basement near Overseers accusing witch)
Book: Tales for Children (Chair next to ^, identical to "Timeless Children's Rhymes" collected earlier)
Note: More Tools (Table in rat-infested bonecharm workshop)
Book: The Bone Charm Situation ^
     Rune workshop
Note: Exploding Hounds (Table under key jar)
Note: Music Box (On furnace near rune)
Book: The Ancient Music (Chair near ^)
Audiograph: Overseer Music Boxes (Table near ^)
Note: Replacement Valve (Cabinet)
Book: The Metaphysika Mysterium (Shelf)
Note: Concerning The Crossbows (Shooting range table)

Note: Apprenticeship, 4 versions (On and under bunk in execution room)
Note: Final Warning (Mail compartment in room with 203-locked safe)
Note: Last Night ^
Note: We Miss You ^
Note: Be Warned ^
Note: Overseer Workshop Note (On crank wheel which opens gate to bonecharm room)
Note: Hiding Place (With bonecharm)
Book: The Outsider (Shelf near ^)
Note: Combination Update (Food tray in mess hall near ^)
Book: The Sixth Stricture (Bench near ^)
Book: The First Stricture (Desk next to safe above entrance to High Overseer Office)

First floor, Campbell/Curnow meeting room
Panel: Resist Temptation (Under rune)
Book: The Fifth Stricture (Near sofa in room where Campbell and Curnow originally walk out of)

Hound Pits Pub, after boat trip
Audiograph: Piero's Dark Dreams (First table in Piero's workshop)
Note: Pendleton's Family Crisis (Table in Lord Pendleton's room)
Audiograph: Lord Pendleton Memoirs: Chapter 28 ^
Audiograph: Havelock's Log: Entry Three (Table in Admiral Havelock's room)

Hound Pits Pub, after waking up
Audiograph: Callista Remembers Her Uncle (Table in Emily's tower if Captain Curnow didn't survive earlier)
Audiograph: Lord Pendleton Memoirs: Chapter 32 (Table in Lord Pendleton's room)
Audiograph: Piero Notes Anomalies (Table on first floor of Piero's workshop)
Audiograph: Samuel Finds an Audiograph (Samuel's shack)
Note: An Ancient Note (Cabinet with runes)


Note: Official guard report 1 (Guard post near watchtower)
Note: Note From Granny (On Granny Rags' front door)
Note: Griff's Last Words. (In Griff's room if he wasn't rescued earlier)

Old Dunwall Distillery
Note: Bunting (Table in crank wheel room)
Book: Looting in Recent Months (Shelf left of ^)

Dr. Galvani's Offices, second floor
Audiograph: Crowley's Last Message (Lab table; Can be played by completing Slackjaw's side quest)
Note: Allison's Letter (Next to corpse in hallway before Granny Rags and bonecharm)
Note: Official guard report 2 (Guard post after wall of light)

The Golden Cat Bathhouse
Book: Golden Cat Guest Ledger (Lobby counter; Changes content after Slackjaw hired to eliminate Pendletons)
Book: Weeper Identification and Handling ^
Note: Elixir Delivery (Elixir crate in front of VIP exit)
Note: Golden Cat Master Key (First floor, purple lady's desk)
Book: Missing Women, Golden Cat (Second floor, bed, rune room)
Book: Daughter of Tyvia (First floor, couch, side room before rune on wall)
Note: Smoking Room (Second floor, table on balcony near smoking room, if Custis is in there)
Note: Steam Room (Basement, on valve room door)

Art Dealer's Apartment
Panel: Various (On 1st and 2nd floor)
Note: Golden Cat Reopening (Locker in room with Daud painting)

Hound Pits Pub
Note: Note from Piero (Stuck on wall in Corvo's room if at least 1 sewer weeper left alive earlier)


Bridge area
Note: Pratchett's Reminder (Table left of safe rune)
Book: The Isle of Morley (Bed near ^)
Note: Journal, entry 1/2/3 (In shrine apartment)
Note: Cards Scoreboard (Table in room overlooking area with first arc pylon)
Note: Slackjaw's Shipment Note (Boat right of ^, past thugs)
Book: River Krust Reproduction (Table in guard post with jailed thug)
Note: Alec's Note (Table in room with 2 thugs after river krust area)

Area with giant wheels
Note: Overseer's Music Note (Cabinet in starting room)
Book: Tyrion's Journal (Near bonecharm)
Book: Call to the Spheres, Vol. 2/3 (Table/shelf 3 floors above ^)

Note: Secret Stash Tip (On rooftop above loudspeaker directly after entering final area)

Sokolov's house
Note: Sokolov's Note to Howlcreek (Table directly after main entrance)
Note: The Brigmore Witches (Stuck to marble block near Boyle painting)
Note: Ideas for the Timsh Statue ^
Book: The Flooded District (Chair in hallway before laboratory)
Book: Pandyssian Bull Rat Study (Table in laboratory)
Note: Lieutenant Niles' Report (Near elixir still in greenhouse)
Audiograph: Sokolov's Observation on Test Subject 312 (Only if Sokolov allowed to finish recording)

Hound Pits Pub, evening
Audiograph: Piero's Thoughts on Sokolov (Table on first floor of Piero's workshop)
Audiograph: Callista's Progress Report (Table in Emily's tower)
Audiograph: Lord Pendleton Memoirs: Chapter 41 (Table in Lord Pendleton's room)
Note: The Pendleton Votes (Couch in Admiral Havelock's room)
Audiograph: Havelock's Log: Entry Four (Table near ^)
Note: Lord Pendleton's Reward. (Drawer in Corvo's room if Pendletons eliminated by Slackjaw)

Hound Pits Pub, morning
Audiograph: Callista's Letter (Table in Emily's tower if Captain Curnow survived earlier)
Note: Emily's Rendering of Corvo (Table next to bed in Corvo's room)
Note: Piero is out. (On gate to Piero's workshop)
Audiograph: Piero Fantasizes (On table on first floor of Piero's workshop)
Note: Note from Lord Pendleton to Lord Shaw (Given by Lord Pendleton as part of mission briefing; Unreadable)


Book: Granny Rags' Diary (Drawer in shrine room)
Book: The Estate District (Table in apartment next to shrine room, accessed through balcony)

Boyle Estate
     Party area

Book: Boyle Party Guest Ledger (Table immediately after entering party through main entrance; Can add Corvo's name)
Book: The Hungry Cosmos (Table in side room where Lord Brisby gives the non-lethal briefing)
     Upper floor
Note: Note to * Boyle (In target Boyle's bedroom)
Book: Esma Boyle's Diary (Table in Esma's restroom)
Book: The Isle of Serkonos (Chair in front of fire, library between Esma's and Waverly's rooms)
Book: Waverly Boyle's Diary (Table next to Waverly's bed)
Book: Lydia Boyle's Diary (Dresser in Lydia's room)

Hound Pits Pub
Audiograph: Piero's Arc Pylon (Table on first floor of Piero's workshop)
Note: Note from Courier (Wall next to bar door and Wallace if at least 1 Boyle sister alive)
Audiograph: Samuel's Pride in His Role/Samuel Laments His Work (Samuel's shack in low/high chaos)
Audiograph: Pendleton Shows Signs of Strain (Table in Lord Pendleton's room)
Note: Anonymous Note (With rune, if at least 1 Boyle sister alive)
Audiograph: Callista Talks About Emily (Table in Emily's tower)
Audiograph: Emily Complains About School (Shelf near ^)


Book: The Lighthouse (Table in moat control room)
Note: Official Decree (Table in rune room)
Note: Off-limits (Guard post near ^)

Dunwall Tower
Note: Dead Drop (Burrows' Safe)
Audiograph: Regent Confession (^; Can be played at broadcast control station)
Note: Corvo Signs Registry at Boyle Party/Lady Boyle Missing (Burrows' desk if Boyle killed and signed guest book/abducted)
Book: The High Overseer (Table near ^)
Book: Empress Jessamine Kaldwin (Table in music room leading to rooftop)
Book: The Tower of Dunwall (Table in library next to Burrows' room)
Book: The Sewers Beneath Dunwall (Table in corridor after ^ leading to broadcast control station)
Book: The Abbey of the Everyman (Table in broadcast control station)
Note: Concerns About the Royal Interrogator (Desk in General Tobias' room (Don't pick up explosive ammo blueprint for 2 extra notes later))
Book: The Royal Spymaster ^
Note: Empress to Corvo (Table in lamp-activated secret room with bonecharm)
Audiograph: Letter to Emily from the Empress ^
Book: The Whalers (Dresser in room just before library above Overseer chapel)
Note: Influences of the Outsider (Table in Overseer chapel)
Book: Overseer Chant (On pulpit near ^)
Book: Slackjaw's Bottlestreet Gang (Desk near Imperial Egg, library section between ^ and shrine room entrance)
Book: The Academy of Natural Philosophy (Desk near ^)
Book: The Isle of Tyvia (Table near ^)
Note: Dearie (Table next to shrine)
Note: Losing Support (With rune on rooftop)

Hound Pits Pub
Audiograph: Piero Speculates on His Future/Piero Questions His Future (Table on first floor of Piero's workshop in low/high chaos)
Audiograph: Emily Tells a Tale (Table in Emily's tower)
Audiograph: Pendleton Considers the Future (Table in Lord Pendleton's room; Possibly only in low chaos)


Note: Letter to Overseer Franklin (Crate in pit right next to yours)
Note: Corvo's Bounty Note (Table)
Book: Bounty Ledger ^
Note: Report to Daud (Table near ^)
Note: The Brigmore Job (Steps on top floor)
Note: Orders from High Overseer Campbell (At bottom of squeaky-crankwheel-gate-area with river krusts near dead Overseer)
Note: Letter to Heather (Table in apartment next to the one housing a weeper and painting)
Book: Donovan's Journal (On floor next to bonecharm near weeper area)
Note: Letter to Burney (Under ^ near campfire, if explosive ammo blueprint wasn't picked up earlier)

Greaves Refinery area
Note: Letter to Stew (Near stranded boat guarded by river krusts)
Note: Refinery Safety Notice (Near lever in control room near ^)
Book: Refinery Manager's Log (Room next to ^, accessed through skylight)
Note: Refinery Foreman's Note (Table near oil tank receptacle at top floor of refinery)
Book: On Hunting Whales (Shelf near ^)
Book: The Greaves Whale House ^
Note: Campbell's Curse (Right before staircase at bottom of refinery if Campbell branded a heretic)
Note: Overseer's Warning (Next to dying overseer in front of doors leading back to starting area)

Area before Daud's hideout
Note: Weapon Courier's Message (Near explosive ammo blueprint if it wasn't collected earlier)
Book: Martha's Journal (Under bed in apartment directly above flooded one with 428-locked safe)
Book: Excerpt from An Assassin's Log (On crate in roof area directly before window entrance, low chaos)

Daud's hideout
Note: Notice from Daud (Next to double doors immediately to the right after entering through window)
Note: Instructions from Daud (In case with sleep darts near 2 whalers talking about their assignments)
Note: Letter to Daud (Daud's chest)
Book: The Royal Protector (Bookcase near Daud's chest)
Book: The Rudshore Chamber of Commerce ^
Book: Daud's Log ^
Audiograph: Thoughts on the Lord Regent's Death/Thoughts on the Lord Regent's Fall (Only if Daud allowed to finish recording, if Burrows killed/jailed)
Note: Letter to the Director (One floor under Interrogator painting)

Area after escaping Daud's hideout
Note: Letter to Alfa (Bed in room on left side with sick woman, near rooftop rune)
Book: Spirit of the Deep (Cabinet near ^)
Note: Letter to Ferg (Table in locked room opposite ^)
Note: Contractor's Note (Table near floodlights in front of infected hideout)
Book: Security Work Log ^
Note: Tallboy Orders (Stuck on floodlight power receptacle near ^)
Book: Mace Brimsley's Journal (Cabinet in last room, right side of infected hideout, low chaos)

Sewers (Only if at least 1 side quest done for Granny Rags and Slackjaw talked to)
Note: Jelly's Next Task (Next to bonecharm safe)
Book: The Thirteen Months ^
Book: Strange Smelling Manuscript (Next to Slackjaw)
Book: Explorer's Journal (Chair in Granny Rags' bedroom)


Note: General Notice (Stuck to each door)
Note: Havelock's Orders to the Guard (On bar counter)
Note: A Letter from Emily (In Corvo's room next to Emily's drawing)
Audiograph: Piero Finds a New Ally/Piero Feels Used (Table on first floor of Piero's workshop, low/high chaos)
Note: A Letter from Cecelia (On floor of starting apartment after all guards neutralized, talked to Cecelia before leaving and Cecelia left alive)
Note: Note to Wallace (On Wallace's corpse in courtyard)
Audiograph: Samuel Stays Wary (In Samuel's shack)
Audiograph: Pendleton Embraces The Future (In sewers where runes used to be)
Note: Letter to Callista (Bed in Emily's tower/On Callista's corpse in courtyard, low/high chaos)
Audiograph: Callista's Final Words/Callista's Plea (In Emily's tower in high chaos if Curnow died/survived)


Note: The Lighthouse elevator key (With elevator key, pinned to metal support in stairwell leading to walkway before elevator, low chaos)

Book: Havelock Log Entry Seven (On desk above Emily's cell)
Audiograph: Havelock's Log: Entry Five ^

The Knife of Dunwall


Note: Fallen Letter (In Void next to Jessamine)
Note: Rat Poison (Mattress above first Watch Officer)
Book: Meat, Death, Bones and Song (Table in room above arc pylon tank receptacle)
Note: Granny's Recipe (Table in ritual room above wall of light)
Book: Slaughterhouse Row (Table in room with safe)
Audiograph: Time Card Confiscation ^
Note: Detain Jack (^, if safe code favor not bought)
Note: Hagfish Feast (Locker near arc pylon, if safe code favor not bought)
Note: Arc Mine Shipment (Table near arc mines in warehouse next to ^)
Book: Boatchecks on the Wrenhaven (^, different table)
Book: The Arc Mine (Chair near main entrance to slaughterhouse)
Note: Hagfish Warning (Table near cargo boat)
Note: Depleted Tanks (On oil tank receptacle of crane)
Note: A Waterlogged Scrap of Paper (Under cargo boat, if safe code favor not bought)

Note: Written in Blood (With rune high above)
Note: Worker Signatures (Next to interrogation chair)
Note: Anton Sokolov's Lab Journal (Table near ^)
Book: Operating a Butcher's Saw (Bench in locker room with bonecharm)
Note: Explosive Solution (Near whale remains with bonecharm)
Note: Mysterious Object (With rune near hanging whale)
Note: Electrocuting a Whale (Next to electric switch near hanging whale)
Book: Harvesting Whale Oil (Table near ^, half-elevated area)
Note: Interrogation (Desk near bonecharm safe)
Note: Ames Negotiations ^
Audiograph: Rothwild's Musings ^
     Room with Rothwild and Ames
Book: Factory Management In Our Times (Shelf directly after entering)
Note: Sokolov Complains About the Cold (On blackboard right of ^)
Book: Bundry Rothwild, The Opportunist (Desk near locked door)
Note: Injury Report Code (Desk near Rothwild and Ames)
Note: Shipment Manifest (^, different desk)
Audiograph: Rothwild's Business (Desk near blackboard)


Note: Assassin's Note (With rune if rune favor purchased)
Note: Missing Key Note (Locker on top floor of City Watch office)
Book: Lizzy Stride and the Dead Eels (Shelf left of ^)
Note: Notice (On door leading to Legal District)
Note: To Do List (Table outside front door of Hatters' building)
Note: Granny's Recipe (With bonecharm in apartment opposite City Watch office)
Book: The Hatters (On floor next to ^)

Legal District
Note: A Contact's Address (Given by Roland as part of non-lethal briefing)
Note: Reconnaissance Notes (On rooftop next to Billie Lurk)
Book: Roland's Journal (In apartment with painting rune)
Note: Cultist Scribblings, 5 versions (In shrine apartment near corpses)

Timsh's Estate
Note: Dumbwaiter Directions (On dumbwaiter)
Note: Note from Captain Blossom (Table near ^)
     Ground floor
Note: Note on Chamber Pots (On wall in restroom)
Book: High On the Lamphouse (Bookshelf in A. Thomson's office)
Book: The City Barrister (^, different bookshelf)
Note: Note from a Lawyer 1 (Desk in S. Tremblay's office)
Note: Note to Gerwin (Desk in B. Gerwin's office)
Note: Note from a Lawyer (Cabinet behind chest near ^)
     Second floor
Book: Eminent Domain (Chair in corner)
Note: A Note from Timsh (^, under chair)
Note: A Repair Notice (On broken dumbwaiter door)
Note: Note from Timsh (Cabinet near ^)
Note: Letter from the Overseers (On floor next to trashcan)
Note: Evictions List (Desk)
Audiograph: Timsh's Daily Business ^
     Third floor
Note: Letter from a Doctor (Desk in bedroom)
Note: A Letter from Roland (Desk in office)
Audiograph: Timsh's Message To His Mother ^
Note: A Poem by Delilah (On bed near rune)


Book: Meeting Daud (In starting room bookshelf)
Book: Memoires (On table 3 floors above ^)
Book: The Deep Watchers (Desk in corner of office area after ^)
Note: Heretical Artifact (Under bonecharm)

Book: Pump System Report (In shelf near captured assassin in backyard)
Book: Abandoned Journal (Under bed in room above ^)

Note: Victory Letter (On Overseer Hume)
Book: Daud's Journal: Delilah Copperspoon (On small desk in Daud's office)
Book: Daud's Journal: Billie Lurk ^

The Brigmore Witches


(Be sure to continue your Knife of Dunwall savefile)
Book: Cobbled Bits of Bone (Shelf behind bed)
Book: Regency and Emergency Powers (Under bed)
Book: The Reclamation of Dunwall (Table near ^)
Note: A Note From Billie (In bonecharm chest, if Lurk spared)
Book: Ports of Call ^
Book: Thomas' Journal (Desk below ^)
Book: The Knife of Dunwall, A Survivor's Tale (Desk near rune on bookshelf)


Note: Overseer Arrival (Desk near first lever for massive gate)
Note: Log Updates (Desk near second lever for massive gate)
Note: Construction Report (Bulletin board near ^)
Note: Execution Notice ^
Note: Log Warning ^
Note: Section B Closed (On wall left of arc pylon)
Note: Cell Control Instructions (Left of cell control lever)
Book: Procedures Following the Escape of Corvo Attano (Table near ^)
Note: Escape Plans (On loot crate above ^)
Note: Transfer Orders (With gold ingots in interrogation room)
Book: Interrogation Log 425 (Desk near ^)
Note: Document Request ^
Audiograph: Witch Interrogation ^
Note: The Hatters (On door to section D)
Note: Requisition (In armory locker, if "Forged Requisition" favor purchased)
Book: Log Book (Table near ^)
Note: Ethical Experimentation (In cell A25)
Book: Prisons of the Isles ^
Book: Modern Incarceration Technology ^
Note: Timsh (Near door to cell A04 if Timsh framed)


Note: A Dangerous Experiment (Table in mechanic's apartment directly after starting mission)
Note: Granny's Wedding Recreation (Desk near ^)
Book: Machinery Repurposing Guide (Locker in room above ^)
Note: Out of Business Notice (Pinned to door opposite mechanic's apartment)
Note: From Abigail Ames (On Abigail's crate (Quest marker available) on roof area above arc pylon, if Ames interrogated, left alive and Abigail's gift favor purchased)
Note: Arc Pylon Instructions (Crate near arc pylon control panel)
Note: Look Out For the Trained Rat (Crate before dried up river, near arc pylon)
Note: Warning from an Anonymous Friend (With river rune if rune favor purchased)
Note: Jerome's Search for Oxrush (Table in black market room)
Note: A Note From Abigail Ames (Safe near ^ if slaughterhouse destroyed and Abigail's gift favor purchased)
Note: Complaints From a Dead Eel Guard (Desk on roof with thugs)
Book: The History of Drapers Ward (Crate near ^)
Note: A Note From Lady Boyle (Table in rune room near ^)

Dead Eel Area
Note: Notes from a Hatter Spy (Drawer in first room on the right)
Book: Trimble's Coin (Mattress near ^)
Note: Weeper Warning (Stuck on train before rune room)
Book: Corrupted Charms (Crate left of rune)
Note: Edgar Wakefield Log Entry (Crate near hatch on lower level of boat)

Hatter Area
Note: Skeeves Is Gone (Mattress near rune in storage area)
Note: Trimble Knows Door Combination (Stuck on basement door)
Book: A History of Lizzy Stride (Counter on manufacturing floor near metallic salts used in antitoxin)
Note: Timer Calibration (Table in laboratory)
Book: The Effects of Whale Oil on the Gastric Humors, Vol 1 (Bench near bed with audiograph key)
Book: The Effects of Whale Oil on the Gastric Humors, Vol 2 (Counter near antitoxin machine)
Note: Antitoxin (In secret compartment opened with audiograph key)
Note: Missing Mechanic (Cabinet behind Geezer)
Note: Whale Oil Tank Replacement (Stuck on whale oil tank receptacle for Geezer's life support)

Note: Water Control Station (Near witch pretending to need help)
Note: Hatter Mechanic To-Do List (With dead thug after crank wheel gate)
Note: Moved Wrench (Next to water control valve)
Note: Broken Fan (Near fan lever after weeper area)

Starting area
Note: Engine Room Combination (Locker in mechanic's apartment)


Note: Lookout Orders (Cabinet in first shed)
Note: Help On Your Assignment (Under sink near ^)
Note: Butler's Note (In box directly above sunken chest if favor bought)
Note: Lever Whereabouts (On lever near grave entrance)
Book: Rhyme of the Rosewater Hag (On fountain in glass house left of manor)
Note: Page From an Old Book (Near chest in attic past ^)
Book: The Art of the Enchanting Garden ^
Book: Petals and Thorns ^

Brigmore Manor
Book: Warning on Corrupted Charms (Table with bonecharm and tortured Overseer)
Note: Overseer's Orders ^
Note: Overseer Interrogation ^
Note: Delilah's Orders (Table under chest-filled attic with bonecharm and rune)
Book: The Blight of the Cobblestone (On floor next to bonecharm chest)
Book: Painting Ritual (Table next to rune chest)
Book: Delilah's Journal (Table with purple quest lantern)
Book: The Howl From Beyond (Shelf behind ^)
Note: Delilah's Musings (Table in attic before overgrown ramp leading to final area)
Note: Delilah's Notes (Table near painting portal)

Dishonored 2


Note: Letter from the Tyvian Trade Commission (Table in starting room)
Note: Schedule for Middle Songs Eve (On floor next to desk)
Note: Ship Launch Protocol (Desk)
Note: Letter from Advisor Helmswater ^
Note: Audience Request (Next to Captain Mayhew)
Book: The Royal Protector/Addendum (Shelf directly outside starting room)
Audiograph: Hard Times (Bench in bathroom)
Newspaper: Crown Killer Strikes Again! (Bench under stairs)

Imperial safe room
Book: Whispers from the Void, By Barnoli Mulani [1/2] (On and next to table near stairs)    
Note: Letter from Wyman (Bed)
Book: Corvo Attano, The Royal Protector In Our Times, Part 01 (Shelf left of ^)
Book: Corvo Attano, The Royal Protector In Our Times, Part 02 (Couch near ^)

Book: Old History Textbook (Shelf immediately left after leaving Imperial safe room)
Book: Empress Jessamine Kaldwin (Chair before door to rooftops)

Note: Stay Ready (Guard post near armory)
Note: Captain Ramsey's Orders (Table in armory)
Book: Dr. Galvani's Journal (Laboratory table in apartment with Boyle painting)
Audiograph: Robbed Apartment (Table in apartment opposite armory)
Book: The Knife of Dunwall (Drawer on second floor of deteriorating building next to ^; Accessed through rooftops near starting area)

Dunwall Courier
Newspaper: Dunwall Anticipates Sad Anniversary (Dumpster in back alley)
Note: Note from the Chief Editor (Desk on top floor)
Newspaper: Woes Plague Beleaguered Dunwall (^, different desk)

Boyle Industries
Note: Note to Beesley (Dumpster in back alley)
Note: Ichabod Boyle Case – Witness Statement (Crate near Crown Killer victim)
Note: Letter to Laura (Desk above ^)

Book: Old Diary (Mattress in boarded-up "time capsule" apartment opposite bar)
Note: Order to Clear the Docks (In guard booth before docks)


The Dreadful Wale
Book: Goodbye, Karnaca - A Musician's Farewell (Protagonist's desk; With Assassins Pack DLC)
Note: Letter from Corvo/Letter from Emily ^
Book: Travel Log (^; Gets updated after every mission)
Note: Limited Resources (With crossbow)
Note: Maintenance List (Table in hallway)
Book: Dreadful Wale Accounting (Table on top floor)
Note: Trying to fix the secondary engine (Counter in basement)
Book: The Shindaerey Gift, A study, By Emora Clipswitch (Table before kitchen)
Book: Blood of the Abele House (Stool behind Meagan)
Note: Sokolov's Notes - Bloodfly Study (Crate in Sokolov's room)
Book: Anton Sokolov's Investigation Notes (Bed near ^)
Audiograph: Anton Sokolov's Abduction (Table near ^)
Book: A Reflection on My Journey to the Pandyssian Continent [1] (Crate near ^)
Book: A Reflection on My Journey to the Pandyssian Continent [3] (In boarded-up storage room)
Book: A Reflection on My Journey to the Pandyssian Continent [4] (Near front of boat on some luggage)

Note: Underground Shops (On civilian in front of notice board)
Note: Note to Purlos (On notice board)
Newspaper: Royal Protector On The Run!/Former Empress On The Run! (On bar counter)
Audiograph: Miner Recruitment (In boat near whale rune)
Note: Letter from Rebecca Fletcher (Desk in apartment opposite ^)
Book: Diary of a Witch (Next to Campbell painting)
Newspaper: Bloodfly Situation Worsens (Table before infested building)
Book: The Fishmonger's Cookbook (^, different table)
Note: Clearing Bloodfly Nests (On dead body in window of infested building)
Book: Abandoned Diary - 2nd Day, Month of Wind, 1851 (Wheelchair in apartment left of ^)
Note: Letter to Mr. Weatherby (Desk near main entrance of apartment above black market)

Infested building
Book: Traditional Serkonan Songs (1) (Under first bloodfly nest)
Note: Note to Neighbors (Left of stairs leading to nest keeper's room)
Note: Letter from Mr. Weatherby (Stool in nest keeper's room)
Book: Bloodfly Experiment Notes (Bed near ^)

Wall of light area
Note: Servicing the Windmill (Table under windmill)
Note: Secret Letter to Brother Harold (On Overseer in shrine apartment)
Note: Letter from Mindy (Desk next to bed near ^)
Newspaper: THE SILVER SPIKE – On Overseers (On counter of barber shop)
Book: Abandoned Notebook (With bonecharm on rooftop)
Note: Weekly Fee (Near delivery crate on rooftop above barber shop)

Overseer outpost
     Third floor
Note: Excerpt from an Overseer Interrogation Report (Desk with 2 Overseers)
Note: Secret Date (Table in interrogation room)
Book: Selected Sayings of the Overseer (Desk in front of interrogation room)
Book: Funny Stories from Serkonos (In desk in side office)
     Second floor
Book: On the Oracular Order, By Douglas Harwickle, Historian (Bookshelf in stairwell)
Note: Strictures to Keep You Safe (Table before prayer room)
Note: Unsent Letter to the High Overseer (Desk in room with Byrne painting)
Book: Reports from the Oracle (In ^)

Market area
Note: Doctor's Notes (Desk in apartment before canal rune)
Newspaper: Duke Abele Essential in Dunwall Coup (Table left of ^ near sleeping guard)
Note: The Coup (In musicians' case)
Note: Watery Grave ^
Note: Special Fruit Delivery (Crate to the right of ^)
Note: To My Brother (Table near bed in apartment high above market)
Note: Note on Abandoned Luggage (Luggage on train platform above market)

Safe shop
Note: Safe Contest Combination (Cash register)
Note: Note from Dr. Hypatia (Counter in back room)

Dr. Hypatia's apartment
Note: Note to Alexandria Hypatia (Slid under door)
Audiograph: Aiding the Miners (Desk)
Note: Nest Keeper (Laboratory counter)

Train station
Note: Cracked Engine Plate (Desk on upper floor with Elite Guard)
Newspaper: THE SILVER SPIKE – We demand the cure! (Reception desk)


Note: Unfinished Letter to Captain Ramirez (Desk in office near Duke painting, low chaos)
Note: Unfinished Letter to Captain Ramirez (^, high chaos, both versions)

Room with 2 safes
Note: Safe Code (Table)
Note: Letter to Lieutenant Valiente (Next to dismembered body)

Consultation wing
Book: Beyond Black Spittle, By Ungar Poltomy (Desk in first room on left)
Book: Journal - Corporal Valdez (Crate in first room on right)
Note: Unsent Letter to Family (On floor next to sleeping guard)

Note: Dr. Alexandria Hypatia's Health (Counter before back room)

Book: Traditional Serkonan Songs (4) (Chair near piano above dining area with rune)

Note: Note to Recuperation Staff (Desk in second floor office)
Book: Last Entry in the Matron's Diary (^, different desk)

Dr. Hypatia's office
Note: Orders from Captain Ramirez
Note: Letter from A Journalist (Desk)
Book: Dr. Hypatia's Notebook (Under chair next to ^)
Note: Letter from Duke Luca Abele (Dresser opposite door)
Note: Janitor's Note - Hamilton (On floor under audiograph)
Audiograph: If Only I Could Do More

Book: Diary of Professor Bracamontes (Chair opposite shrine)

Note: Vera Moray's Belongings (With rune)
Book: Vera Moray's Diary (Next to ^)

Disease Treatment
Book: A Lecture on Bloodfly Fever (Table in room before Hamilton's cell)
Note: Letter to Bloodfly Fever Patient (Counter)
Note: Note to Mr. Hamilton (On floor in front of doors to Dr. Vasco's office)
Note: Reminder - Things to Buy (Desk)
Note: Old Note from Dr. Hypatia (In ^)
Book: Vasco's Diary - Month of High Cold, 1850 (Next to safe)
Book: Counter-serum Notes (In safe)
Book: Vasco's Diary - Month of Nets, 1851 (In laboratory)
Audiograph: The Counter-Serum ^

Book: Hamilton's Diary (Desk on top floor)

Note: Unsent Letter from Patient (Mattress right after first bloodfly nest)
Book: Solarium Schedule (Desk in room on left)

Dr. Hypatia's laboratory
Book: Lost Student Notebook (Shelf in area above Dr. Hypatia)
Note: Sokolov's Abduction (Stuck to blackboard near Grim Alex painting)
Newspaper: Crown Killer Rampage Continues (Desk near ^)
Audiograph: Sweet Innocent Hypatia (In room with Dr. Vasco)
Note: To Whomever Finds my Body (On Dr. Vasco)
Audiograph: New Orders (Desk in front of Grim Alex painting)


The Dreadful Wale
Note: Note from Meagan Foster (Protagonist's desk if Dr. Hypatia cured)
Note: Maintenance List (Table in hallway)
Note: Dr. Hypatia's Notes (Table in Dr. Hypatia's room if cured)
Note: Clockwork Soldier Basics (Blackboard)
Book: A Reflection on My Journey to the Pandyssian Continent [2] (Sokolov's bed)
Book: Meagan Foster's Notebook (Top floor)

Note: Letter to Bonville (Desk near Ramsey painting)

Book: Séance Notes (Desk in bloodfly apartment)

Newspaper: Duke Abele Returns Triumphant (Luggage near wall of light rewiring panel)

Building left of train station
     First floor
Book: Gathering of the Regenters (Safe)
Note: Note from Correy Brockburn (Next to ^)
     Second floor
Newspaper: Conservatory Closure Extended (Table directly after main entrance)
Book: The Child Empress (Chair near Burrows painting)
Book: The Southern Winds, By Caleb Manly, Natural Philosopher (Bench near ^)

Train station
Newspaper: THE SILVER SPIKE – On Howlers (Bonecharm)
Note: Note to Employees (Ticket booth)
Note: End of Gray River (Middle Howler in backyard)

Black Market area
Newspaper: THE SILVER SPIKE – Empress Delilah's Secret (Stool in front of black market)
Note: Letter from Bethy (Burglar)

Upper Aventa
Note: Gate Codes (Next to train lever)

Grand Guard office
     Ground floor

Newspaper: Beloved Doctor Murdered/Doctor Hypatia to Resign says Grand Palace (Under Paolo wanted poster if Dr. Hypatia killed/cured)
     First floor
Note: Split the Take (On guard)
Book: The Astounding Clockwork Soldiers (Desk near oil tank receptacle)
Book: Get the Clankers Off Karnaca's Streets! (Table near interrogation room)
Note: Interrogation Report ^
     Second floor
Note: New Gate Code (Desk with sleeping Veteran)

Book: The Duchess In Green, By Douglas Harwickle, Historian (Dresser with civilians in rune apartment)

Jindosh's mansion
Ground floor
Audiograph: A Welcome and Warning
Newspaper: Clockwork Soldiers Sold at Auction (Desk near ^)

Note: Instructions to Staff (Blackboard in hallway leading to dining area)
     Waiting room/office area
Note: Last Words (With bonecharm)
Note: Invitation Letter from Jindosh (On civilian in waiting room)
Note: Letter to Amado Foundry (Desk in office)

First floor
     Area after wall of light
Note: On Bakers and Electroshock (With Addermire solution)
Note: Clockwork Army Timetable (Table in room after ^)
Audiograph: Persuading Sokolov (Desk in room with hidden vault)
Note: An Unfinished Letter on Legacy (Desk in hallway leading to Jindosh's laboratory)
     Balcony area
Note: Letter from Duke Abele (Desk near bed)
Note: Conditioning Sokolov 1 (Table on balcony)
Note: Conditioning Sokolov 2 (Bed)

Laboratory lowest floor
Note: Letter from Delilah (With rune)

Assessment chamber area
Newspaper: Oracular Order Divided (Crate near bonecharm)
Note: Sokolov's Needs (Shelf before kitchen)
Note: Conditioning Sokolov 3 (Next to lever outside assessment chamber)
Note: Note to Anton Sokolov (Next to Sokolov)

Note: Instructions (On civilian after rescuing Sokolov without having taken the carriage earlier)

     Ground floor

Note: Jindosh Entry on Whalebone (Stool in middle of laboratory)
Note: Powering the Electroshock Machine (Blackboard)
Audiograph: Winning Anton over (Table next to electroshock machine)
     Top floor
Note: Note to Kirin Jindosh (Main desk)
Note: Conditioning Sokolov 4 ^

Lower Aventa
Note: Mission Letter from Delilah (On wandering witch)


The Dreadful Wale
Note: Thank You (Protagonist's desk)
Note: Letter from Lucia Pastor (Crate in Dr. Hypatia's room)
Book: Meagan Foster's Notebook (Bed on top floor)
Note: Trip to the Markets (Table before kitchen)
Note: Temporary Closure of the Conservatory (Blackboard)
Book: Anton Sokolov's Diary - Started painting again (Next to Delilah painting)
Note: Bloodfly Infestation (Pinned to glass case in Sokolov's room if bloodflies left alive earlier)

Newspaper: THE SILVER SPIKE – Palaces Don't Make Kings! (Stool in boat)
Newspaper: More Woes Afflict "Dust District" Residents (Crate opposite black market OR on edge of bar counter)
Note: Safe Combination (Can be bought or stolen from black market)
Note: Note to the Overseer (Desk in Overseer outpost)
Audiograph: Ashworth Connected to the Occult? (Table near ^)
Note: Squad Orders (Guard post before wall of light)
Newspaper: Mine Collapses - Numerous Casualties (Table in apartment above ^)

Alley area before shrine apartment
Note: Leave Karnaca (Table on rooftop above ambushing witches)
Newspaper: More Woes Afflict "Dust District" Residents (Crate opposite black market OR on edge of bar counter)
Note: Howlers Don't Play (Bar counter under cash register)
Book: Traditional Serkonan Songs (3) (Mattress next to shrine)
Note: Pilfered Safe Combination (Desk in bloodfly apartment)

Street area before conservatory
Note: Last Notes from the Lodger (Apartment left of conservatory, high chaos)
Note: Opportunity (With bonecharm)

The Royal Conservatory
Note: Vermin Problem (Behind stepladder near bonecharm)
Note: Breaking and Entering Job (Table outside ^)
Note: Reminder (On rune room)
Audiograph: Bringing Back Delilah (In ^)
     First floor
Note: Warning from Breanna Ashworth (Near Oraculum)
Book: Our Natural Philosophers, By Kenneth Obenshaw (Luggage in bedroom near kitchen)
Note: Unfinished Letter to Abigail (^, different luggage)

Book: The Foreign Curse, Written and Researched by Tabitha Alba (In hideout at top of elevator shaft)
     Third floor, workshop
Newspaper: Grand Inventor Falls to Crown Killer/THE SILVER SPIKE - Genius Inventor Can Barely Recall His Own Name! (On ledge directly outside workshop window if Jindosh killed/shocked)
Note: Black Bonecharm Notes (With bonecharm)
Note: Breanna Ashworth's Notes (With broken lenses)
Book: My Effigies of the Oracular Sisters (Couch left of ^)
Audiograph: Meeting Delilah (Central table)
     Ashworth's office
Note: Done Straightening Up (Desk)
Note: Unfinished Letter to Delilah ^
Note: Proposal from Curator Haden (Chair behind ^)

Black market
Book: Shopkeeper's Journal (Shelf behind shopkeeper)


The Dreadful Wale
Note: Note from Meagan (Slid under door)
Note: Note from Meagan to Sokolov (In restroom)
Audiograph: Dr. Hypatia's Farewell (Crate in Dr. Hypatia's room if she was cured)
Audiograph: Searching for Aramis Stilton (Table on top floor of boat)
Note: Note from Sokolov (Table in room before Sokolov's room)
Book: Anton Sokolov Diary - The Gears of Time (Bed in Sokolov's room)

Book: Windmill Operation (Stool under desk after climbing first set of stairs)
Note: Sad News (Dresser near Meagan)
Note: The Crone's Hand (On wall; Go down stairs on right after meeting with Meagan)
Note: The Jindosh Riddle (Next to puzzle door)

Neutral area
Book: Handbook For New Miners (Chair opposite soup kitchen)
Newspaper: THE SILVER SPIKE – Mystery Women Leave Conservatory (Near dice players (Possibly only if leaving some witches alive in Royal Conservatory mission/non-lethaling Ashworth, unsure which))
Note: Unsent Letter (Desk in apartment above black market)
Note: Wedding Silvergraph (Behind ^)

Overseer district
Note: Silver Teeth Wanted (Notice board next to execution)
Note: Unsent Letter (In boarded up room behind ^)
Book: Diary of Paloma Attano (Under bed in left room of Corvo's old apartment)
Overseer outpost
Note: Detainee Durante (On basement cell door)
Note: Contraband (Desk in front of rune room)
     Byrne's floor
Book: Everyman's Face (Shelf in first room on right)
Book: Book of Sermons (Desk in room past ^)
Book: Book of the Fallen (Desk in room with dying Overseer (Can add Byrne's name after killing him))
Newspaper: Crown Killer Slays Curator/Curator Ashworth Went Missing (Desk in side office before Byrne's room if Ashworth killed/disabled)
Audiograph: Welcoming Speech (In front of Stilton painting)
Note: Vice Overseer's Report (Desk with bonecharm)

Apartment opposite bonecharm apartment
Newspaper: Duke Hosts Inauguration Celebration (In restroom)

Bonecharm apartment
Note: Amadeo Monte (Desk near bonecharm)
Note: Reminder: Check out the whale (Blackboard opposite ^)
Note: Love Letter (Under bed)
Book: Mindy Blanchard's Diary - Notes on Magical Marks (Locker in basement)

Howler district
Book: Doctor's Accounting Book (Desk in bloodfly apartment with 2 nest keepers)
The Crone's Hand
Book: Old Widows' Recipes (Table in basement with chained Overseer)
Note: Paolo's Concern (Desk on second floor)
Note: Durante's Room (On door of bonecharm room)
Note: Our Two Cuckoos (Desk in ^)
Note: Code to Stilton's House ^
Note: The Sands of Serkonos (On musician)
Note: Silver and Dust ^
Newspaper: Disarray Spreads After Parliament Fire (Table in room opposite musicians)

Silvergraph studio
Note: Note to Staff (Desk)
Book: Silvergraph Studio Notebook (In ^)
Note: Here's the Payment (Table in back room)

The Crone's Hand/Overseer outpost
Note: Solution to Jindosh's Lock (Given by Paolo or Byrne after eliminating the other)


After getting Timepiece; Always past unless otherwise specified
Note: Stilton's Whereabouts (On door to starting room)

Ground floor
Note: Instructions for Next Supper (Counter)
Book: Traditional Serkonan Songs (2) (Bench)
Note: Wolfhound Kennels (Broken door near kennels)

Note: Restricted Access to Great Hall (On door to Great Hall)

First floor
Note: Goodbye Trevor (On civilian)
Newspaper: Holiday for Miners Granted (Couch in mining room)
Book: Aramis Stilton's Diary (Desk)
Note: Letter from Duke Theodanis Abele (Chest near ^)
Note: Letter from Duke Luca Abele (Desk)
Audiograph: The Ritual (Next to bed)

Ground floor

Note: Do not touch the statue! (On wall)
Note: Fallen Statue (On present support after knocking down past statue)
Note: Letter to Lucia Pastor (Workbench with masks)
     Incinerator room
Note: Can you take care of this dead hound? (With dead hound)
Note: Water Leak in the Basement (On wall near hole/On present pile of bricks)

Note: Unfinished Letter from Jaime (Mattress in present hideout under stairs in Great Hall)
     Small yard near kitchen
Note: Careful of the balcony! (Balcony support; Both realities)

First floor
     Rune room
Note: Silvergraph Artist's Diary (Chest)
     Room with workers
Note: Replacement Windows (On replacement window/Present replaced window if past workers left conscious)
     Great Hall
Note: Letter from Muranola Architecture 1 (On wall near elevator)

Stilton's area
Note: Make Your Decision (On floor in present gazebo)
Note: Study Door Combination 1 ^
Note: Study Door Combination 2 (Table in gazebo)

Stilton's manor, alternate present after Stilton knocked out
     Bonecharm office

Note: Letter from Muranola Architecture 2 (Desk)
Newspaper: Stilton and Abele To Discuss Miner's Fund ^

Stilton's manor, alternate present after Stilton killed
Note: Study Condemned (On wall next to study entrance)
Note: HOUSE FOR SALE (In room where workers used to be)
Note: Unsent Letter from Jaime (Table near bed in ^)
Note: Letter from Aunt Lucy (Couch in bedroom)


The Dreadful Wale
Note: Answer from the Mayhew Family/Answer from Wyman (Protagonist's stool)
Note: Courier Note from Meagan (Protagonist's desk if sided with Byrne)
Note: Note from Vice Overseer Byrne (Table in briefing room if sided with Byrne)
Audiograph: Decisions (Sokolov's room)
Audiograph: Losing Deidre... (Top floor)

Bonecharm apartment opposite watchtower
Note: Apartment Seizure (On door if Lucia Pastor killed earlier)
Note: Note to Lucia Pastor's Mother (Desk)

Newspaper: Prized Valuables Stolen From Respected Citizens (Bench near watchtower if enough Coin collected)
Newspaper: Grand Guard Returns to Dust District (Near makeshift sleeping area next to wall of light, if both Paolo and Byrne killed/exiled)
Newspaper: Howler Leader Captured (^, if sided with Byrne non-lethally)

Windmill building (Pickpocket (don't eliminate) guards on first floor or their coins will be inaccessible later)
Note: Letter from an Admirer of Daud (Desk next to Daud painting)

Apartment above safe shop
Newspaper: THE SILVER SPIKE – The Outsider Walks Among Us (Dresser near main entrance, if enough runes picked up)
Note: Note from Petronilla (On wall outside main entrance)

Safe Shop
Note: Apartment Seizure (Counter)
Newspaper: THE SILVER SPIKE - The Vice Overseer is Missing! (^, if sided with Howlers non-lethally)
Newspaper: THE SILVER SPIKE - Vice Overseer Murdered! (^, if sided with Howlers lethally)
Note: Gate Code (Counter in back)

Newspaper: THE SILVER SPIKE - Popular Shops Burglarized! (Luggage near playing civilians, if 3+ black markets have been robbed)
Note: Gate Must Remain Closed (On door leading to black market, near ^)

Black market area
Note: Delivery Code (On courier in black market backyard)
Book: Old Charm Carver's Writings (Mattress in shrine room)
Book: Old Stolen Diary (Left of shrine; Exactly the same as "The Outsider" book found in Dishonored 1)
Note: Warning from Aunt Lucy (On civilian listening to musicians, if less than three black markets robbed)
Note: Born in the Month of Darkness (On musician, if...^)
Note: Jewel of the South ^
Newspaper: Howler Leader Found Dead (Near black market shop if sided with Overseers lethally in Dust District)
Newspaper: THE SILVER SPIKE - Scourge of Killings Continues Unabated (Mattress in apartment opposite black market if enough civilians killed)

Starting area
Note: Confiscated Merchandise (Crate in boat)

Windmill building, first floor
Audiograph: Black Market Code (Table)

The Grand Palace
Note: Deranged Killer Targets Guards (Immediately right after loading screen, high chaos)
Note: Duke's Quarters (Noticeboard outside pool if Duke is in his quarters)
Note: Fruit Thief (Table near shooting range)
Note: Note to Kitchen Staff (Table before wine cellar)
     First floor
Newspaper: Palace District Under New Orders (Stool on balcony with sleeping guards)
Newspaper: THE SILVER SPIKE – Patients Aplenty for Hypatia's Return (On bar counter if Dr. Hypatia cured)
     Second floor
Note: First Captain's Safe (Desk in room with Delilah painting)
Audiograph: Conversation with Kirin Jindosh (^, different desk)
Book: Delilah's Diary (Cabinet in room before bonecharm)
     Office with rune in safe
Note: Grand Guard Safe (Shelf behind Veteran)
Note: Security Reinforcement (Main table)
Note: Note for Captain Sandoval (Armory)
     Duke's chambers
Note: Petition Project (Cabinet in bathroom)
Note: Note to Grand Counselors (Next to bed on balcony)
Audiograph: A Better Serkonos ^


The Dreadful Wale
Audiograph: Life on Sea (Table before Sokolov's room)
Note: Letter to Billie Lurk (Top floor)
Book: Meagan Foster's Notebook (Table in bonecharm room)
Audiograph: Daud on Delilah ^

Newspaper: Empress Delilah's New Plans (Blue crate in dock area directly after exiting skiff)
Note: Dunwall Tower (Boat behind black market)
Newspaper: Grim Tidings from the Capital of the Empire! (^, if Dunwall Courier manager saved and left conscious in first mission)
Newspaper: Citizens Report Troubling Events (Table behind black market)
Note: Warehouse Key (Slid under door near ^)

Area with black bonecharm and intercom high above rooftops; Near Dunwall Tower
Note: Block the Secret Passage (Cabinet under bonecharm)

Dr. Galvani's apartment
Note: Attention Visiturs (On door if silver ingots in safe weren't taken in first mission)
Book: Dr. Galvani's Journal (In safe if silver ingots in safe were taken in first mission)

City Watch armory
Note: Gate Defense Orders (Table)

Half-collapsed building
Note: Anonymous Letter (Cabinet on top floor behind witch)

Shrine apartment
Book: Last Entry in a Sailor's Diary (Dresser)

Dunwall Courier
Newspaper: Empress and Royal Protector Exonerated! Victims of Clever Conspirators! (Cabinet on top floor, if Dunwall Courier manager saved and left conscious in first mission)

Boyle Industries
Note: Letter from Boyle Accounting Service (Desk on top floor)
<br/<Note: Instructions (Crashed train in front of black market)

Dunwall Tower, outside
Note: Guard Deserting (Table in room on right)
Note: Mission Orders (Next to dying Overseer)

Note: Crimson and Black (Table near door of bonecharm house)

Note: The Waterlock (On witch near far bonecharm)

Book: Sewer and Pump Room Inspection (In rune hideout)

Dunwall Tower
Note: Note from Delilah (On elevator)
First floor
     Overseer chapel

Note: Delilah on Rune Harmony (Table)
Audiograph: Successful Prototype! ^
     Room near entrance to basement
Note: Invitation from Her Majesty Empress Delilah Kaldwin (On dead body)

Second floor
Audiograph: On Audiograph Recorders (Table in General Tobias' former room)
Book: Marykate's Diary (With bonecharm)

Throne area
Book: Ramsey's Improvised Diary (On floor in Imperial safe room next to Ramsey statue if he was locked in earlier)
Book: Delilah's Diary (Next to large painting)
Note: Banners Fit for An Empress (Crate in alley on rooftop; Accessed through planks in throne room OR with elevator)

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