Hey everybody! I've got something here that I know you're going to love: more policy updates! Woo!

After careful commiseration and planning, we're bringing the following policy changes into effect:

  • In keeping with Wikia-wide best practices, we're tweaking the way we categorize pages a bit. Basically, pages should be added to the most specific categories possible, and not associated parent categories. For a full explanation and examples, see the new category section of the Manual of Style here.
  • We're going to start enforcing the image sourcing policy (found here) for all images.
  • The lovechild of the previous two points, we're now going to be categorizing our images as well. Image categories currently in place can be found here.
  • A formal voting policy has been established. (Nothing major, I promise.)

Some of you may have noticed that implementing these changes is going to take some work--we've got a lot of pages categorized according to the old rules, and a lot (lot lot lot) of uncategorized and unsourced images. Whatever you (yes YOU) can do to help implement these changes and improve the Dishonored wiki will be greatly appreciated, and earn you the fabulous prize of my undying adoration.

We're of course also looking for input. Got any ideas on these policy changes? Image categories that should be created? Put it out there!

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Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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