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"oxs are cool"

My vision went in and out as i was carried by the man named ox, and followed  by the 19 year old girl who i assumed was once a aristocrat . "so whats your name little buddy?" " one dont call me  little buddy and two my name is michale."

he nodded his head " how about you lass" he looked at her curiously "why sould i tell you!?" she said smugley.

he laughed "suit youself" he kept  pulling me along " here we are" i looked at a few peices of wood, "yes its....lovely"       

"thats not it" he lifted the wood to reaveal a large room with plenty of weapons a few beds and a pantry full of food.

"fuck the void yes" trying to escape from his grasp to get to the food. " woah woah there will be time for that but we need to take care of that leg of yours" i  repiled with " can i eat why you do it?" he sighed " fine" he walked me over to one of the beds  "sit here im going to get some medicine"  he said and walked past the girl who just looked at me "hello" i waved .  she walked past me and ast down a bed beside me "hello i suppose" she said kinda bored "my name is alexia" she said now sounding snooty, "im back" ox said with a  plate full of food and a few elxirs and bandeges " good" i said as i began to eat and ox started to bandage my leg.  all of a sudden i heard a rumbling sound and a group of hatters burst in.   the one i had slashed across the chest led the group of 2...3..6...8..12, 12 hatters.  

the leader stepped forward with a grin  "im gonna make you and your pals pay!" ox pulled out a large gang clever " go ahead! hit us with your best shot"  he said cockily.  with that sentence he struck one of the hatters with his clever decapatating him "kill this little bitch!"  the leader screamed, the hatters removed there blades and the fight started. ox stabbed one trough the chest and sliced another's throat. the figh went like this pretty much, stab kill stab kill slash kill until only the leader remained. he kicked ox to the ground " any last words" as he began to raise to his sword to kill ox a loud bang run through-out the room and the leaders head exploded. all eyes turned to me holding a pistol "your welcome"

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