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  • The man with no plan 24

    Hello. my name is plan, and this is my new weekly blog! it's mostly me and you guys speculating on stuff and a place to put my ideas for "improvements" for the wiki.

    so this week we will be discussing if the owners of the outsiders mark lose their powers if its taken away. or if its just hidden away inside them.

    this is inspired by Corvo's dialog "the void, it was still there all along." so, its implied by this piece of speech that it never leaves. but i disagree, i think that the power was GONE! but it was returned to him by the outsider. my evidence is the fact that he did not keep his upgrades he had in the last game. i suppose its possible he forgot it or the outsider just did it to make it more interesting. but the ladder seems unlikel…

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  • The man with no plan 24

    Hello. as some of you know (but i'm sure very few of you care.) i have been gone for a few months. and would like to give my thanks to some of the kind people on this wiki who helped me out.

    First, i give my thanks to Blood ox. who assisted me in editing,  and taught me the in's and outs of it, and has givin me very good advice about my fanfics, and has just been a cool guy.

    Second, i give thanks to our lovely admin piko, who has took hours away of her time talking about music and dishonored with me. and she is one of nicest people i know here on this wiki. plus owls are adorable and cool.

    Third, i say thanks to another admin, Geist. who has giving me tips for my fanfics. and is honestly one of the coolest people i have spoken to. he does ram…

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  • The man with no plan 24

    wstft chpt 4!

    December 15, 2016 by The man with no plan 24

    Hello! im back! read!

    "oxs are cool"

    My vision went in and out as i was carried by the man named ox, and followed  by the 19 year old girl who i assumed was once a aristocrat . "so whats your name little buddy?" " one dont call me  little buddy and two my name is michale."

    he nodded his head " how about you lass" he looked at her curiously "why sould i tell you!?" she said smugley.

    he laughed "suit youself" he kept  pulling me along " here we are" i looked at a few peices of wood, "yes its....lovely"       

    "thats not it" he lifted the wood to reaveal a large room with plenty of weapons a few beds and a pantry full of food.

    "fuck the void yes" trying to escape from his grasp to get to the food. " woah woah there will be time for that but we need…

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  • The man with no plan 24

    wstwft chpt 3

    November 30, 2016 by The man with no plan 24

    hello! thanks to our admin piko the fic is back! and it will stay unless 8-bit tells me to stop! enjoy!

    I ran through the alley screaming bloody murder in my head as hounds and watch chased me around through the alley.  i jumped under a carraige and laid there praying to the abbey a guard did not find me, "where did he go!?!?!" a officer    screamed with a glint in his  eye of a man who wanted a promtion.  a lower watch guards who had been with him rubbed   his eyes and said groggily   "i dont know(yawn)" "fine lets get out of here" they sheathed there weapons and walked back down the alley.  as soon as they were out of sight i made a break for it down another alley.   

    i spent the night in the alley sleeping in a dumbster, it was comfy enou…

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  • The man with no plan 24

    WSTTF chpt 2!

    November 19, 2016 by The man with no plan 24

    "What do you mean im corrupt overseer michale?" the high overseer said with anger hideing in the features of his face.    i turned my head to look at two overseers standing behind me, " i mean that your are doing evil things," i said trying to show no fear in my voice, it was harder then i thought.    He stood up from his desk with a smirk "and what would these "  evil things" be,"   he motioned to the two overseers shore and victor who stood about 12 feet behind me to move forward .  I steped forward to cambell's desk with my hand firmly on my sabre,     "sir you have viloated the scripteres  of    the wanted flesh and lying toungue."   he took a few steps towards me  "is that right overseer michale," he was right in my face now    "i am …

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