Hello Wikians,

Since I have recently completed Dishonored, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for sequels. Dishonored has sold very well, so it us unlickley that they would just let the Dishonored universe go. You may be skeptical about having a sequel for Dishonored, but you have to look at the bigger picture. Many people will naturally assume that the sequel would have to star Corvo & take place in Dunwall, but no; it doesn't have to. There is such a rich universe contained within this game & the developers, including Bethesda, would be stupid to let this brand new lore slide.

If you asked me for ideas I wouldn't be able to give any specifics, but i could easily give a basic outline for the concept of the game. It's not like it's hard to create a newly powered character in a new location, is it? Because of the lore surrounding Dishonored Arkane has allowed themselves to create infinite amounts of characters, all because of a well thought out first game. Just think. Dishonored has hinted at mainy different coninents, cities & even left questions unanswered. The possibilities for sequels are endless. There are many open-plotlines, just to name a few...

  • What happened to the assassins after Daud either left or was killed (depending on your choice as a player)?
  • Who is The Outsider; what are his origins?
  • Was Corvo really Emily's father?

All these questions, allowing for further development of plot-lines & the overall lore of the series. I, personally, would really like a sequel. I invested my time into this series (and still continue to do), so why shouldn't I be treated with another game? Why shouldn't we all? Anyway, when you think about it, this is a massive money making advantage that Arkane & Bethesda have earned for themselves; why not exploit it? I won't complain.

Please leave your thoughts below...

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