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    TRU is in need of Help

    December 13, 2012 by ThatRandomUser

    Right, so I recently finished my Dishonored playthrough. (No kill/Ghost)  Well..... I got Clean Hands, but no Ghost. Even though all of my mission stats have it ticked. Also, I can't replay mission 3 in any way what so ever. In the replay menu it just shows as locked even though I have finished the game. Furthermore, can somebody care to explain how replaying a mission works. I know you start with only the goodies you had at the beginning of said mission but do the stats change? Does say replaying Mission 1 mean I have to do the rest all over again? 

    Thanks, your friendly,


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  • ThatRandomUser

    Hey Weepers? TRU here. Just here to tell you the Dishonored reviews have started appearing.

    IGN - Score: 9.2 AMAZING

    Gamespot - Score: 9.0

    (Outsider or somebody can tell me to add more)

    WARNING: The reviews contain slight spoilers (Missions number and such, but nothing major)

    Looks like Dishonored is gonna be a possible GOTY contender. I personally admire how they have set-up the upgrade menu's. It appears Dishonored's Story is a pay-off to the gameplay and diversity. Still, looks like lots of people will be talking about this one for a long time. Leave your thoughts in the comments. *Considers making personal Dishonored review*

    PS: I reccomend you either stop coming to the wiki until you have finished the game because the spoilers are coming. S…

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