Only when the Roseburrow processing treatment was discovered did the whaling trade begin to rise in prominence, driven by the many new uses for the much more volatile refined whale oil, including military and security application. Early into Empress Jessamine Kaldwin's brief reign, the well-known inventor and natural philosopher Anton Sokolov introduced a series of devices that would see deployment across Dunwall, directed by the Royal Spymaster, Hiram Burrows.

-Slaughterhouse Row

A recent spike in pickpocketers is plaguing the streets of Dunwall, though they only seem to be going after pocket watches. Prawnbrokers have reported that a greater number of watches being brought in, though strangely most of them have been missing their gears. Also, factories in the Rust District and boatyards along the Wrenhaven have reported thiefs of spare parts.

The culprits are a gang of street urchins, in exchange for coin they have been stealing the parts for an inventor. An urchin will reveal, admittedly with bit of an 'incentive', that the inventor has set up shop in an old warehouse near Slaughterhouse Row (oders from the whale houses means the area is largerly deserted).Of course the urchin will 'forget' to mention the gang of thugs hired as guards.

It'll turn out that the inventor has been working on mechanized suits of armour, powered by whale oil and augmented with bone charms. Some of the thugs will use these suits if the Runners face them in open combat. The thugs are interested in using the suits to knock over a few banks, the inventor has grievences against the Academy of Natural Philosophy and has other ideas for the suits...

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