Gravehound render
As Gregory and Aliya crouched in the dark of the upper hall, they could hear the thing drawing close. It had followed them from the forest, through the garden, and into the house. Now as they leaned against the wall, exhausted and terrified, they could hear it coming up the stair. Moving slowly, it scraped along, exposed bone dragging across wood and carpet. A ragged panting foretold its passage as dead air was pushed through a throat eaten away with rot.
-The Howl From Beyond

Magistrate Cathmore receives a call for aid from a old friend and colleague who serves as the Magistrate for the market town of Lydsworth, some miles north of the city of Dunwall. There have been a number of attacks made by 'savage and strange hounds' in the area surrounding the town, leaving the locals in a state of terror and the feeling of being under siege from dark forces. Lydsworth's Magistrate wishes for the attacks to cease so that peace can return to his town, so Cathmore despatches the Runners to investigate.

The Runners soon found out that the 'hounds' are actually Gravehounds under the control of Deliah's coven of witches, though these are the witches' early experiments with the creatures. Though there is a shrine that controls the Gravehounds setup in some nearby ruins, which if destroyed will detsroy the Gravehounds.

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