A news report suddenly blares over a loudspeaker...

Hey there fellow Dunwallians, me and Dead Counter were having a discussion on the Dishonored Wiki IRC client and the idea of a Dishonored-themed newspaper emerged. If any official game news or interesting topics surrounding Arkane Studios come to light, we figured it could be added in an enjoyable format, supplemented by some in-world imaginings.

However, we're a little stuck for some names, and so we thought we'd turn to you guys. If you could crank up your minds, or your hearts if need be, we'd be ever so greatful. So far, here's what we've brainstormed:

  1. The Dunwall Times
  2. Gristol Gazette
  3. Pandyssian Publishings
  4. The Loyal Conspirator
  5. The Dunwall Overseer
  6. The Whaler's Whimsy
  7. The Drunken Whaler

What we aim to do is to collect all the suggestions together and make a poll for them at a later date, where you can all vote for the one you like best.

Now, onto the real (if a little dated) news. Some time back in September, an article for PCPowerPlay Australia hinted at potential avenues that Dishonored DLC could travel down, and on the 9th of this month, GameFront reported on Bethesda's plans to not have "exclusives" for Dishonored. However, the potential for Dishonored DLC remains strong, and any updates are yet to be announced by Arkane and Bethesda. The moment they do, we'll be on the case.

Here's hoping, all!

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