Hello everyone!

At the eve of the Dishonored 2' s release, I'd like to address an important issue: Spoilers.

Some will for sure play through the game quicker than others, may it be out of obsession or simply for the fact that some people have more free time than others. And of course those people are eager to add the info they find out to the wiki right away. It is understandable and I am well aware that we cannot lock up the wiki until everyone has finished the game, and such is not my intention. The info should and will be added.

However, I hereby ask each of you to try and be fair to other users who have not finished the game and want to find out for themselves.

  • Adding new pages for missions or characters that are potentially spoilery will be fine. People who don't know that info yet can well avoid those by simply not going on that page.
  • Try to keep the activity feed as clean as possible. If you have questions on a subject, please direct them to the appropriate page, and add a spoiler warning or  write a few introductional words so that crucial information will require a click to be seen.
  • Do NOT blurt out info like "Delilah can be defeated in this and that way" without any warning in the comment sections.

I hereby also encourage the regular users to point out this blog to new users if necessary.

Thank you,

- Piko

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