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  • PikovajaDama

    Emily's Silver Ring

    November 26, 2016 by PikovajaDama

    Okay, so I got that ring from Bethesda (only to find out by looking up the link for it that it is on sale right now -.-), and the package arrived yesterday. I had promised a few pics, so here they come:

    I was unsure about the size, so it is a bit wide now. :( To safely wear it I'd need to put it on my index finger.

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  • PikovajaDama

    Hello everybody!

    With Dishonored 2 out by now, an issue ensues which I would like to address: how do we deal with two protagonists on the wiki pages, especially on mission pages?

    From what I see, we've mostly used "Corvo or Emily" so far, which is fine, but can also be kinda tiresome if it needs to be kept up over the course of a longer text.

    My suggestion would be that we use "Corvo or Emily" in the introductory paragraph, but switch to "the protagonist" later on. Mission notes or usage tips specifically for one of the two characters will still use the name, of course.


    - Piko

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  • PikovajaDama

    Dishonored 2 Spoilers

    November 9, 2016 by PikovajaDama

    Hello everyone!

    At the eve of the Dishonored 2' s release, I'd like to address an important issue: Spoilers.

    Some will for sure play through the game quicker than others, may it be out of obsession or simply for the fact that some people have more free time than others. And of course those people are eager to add the info they find out to the wiki right away. It is understandable and I am well aware that we cannot lock up the wiki until everyone has finished the game, and such is not my intention. The info should and will be added.

    However, I hereby ask each of you to try and be fair to other users who have not finished the game and want to find out for themselves.

    • Adding new pages for missions or characters that are potentially spoilery will …
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  • PikovajaDama

    Creating new pages

    June 25, 2016 by PikovajaDama

    Hello everybody!

    I would like  to address an issue that was brought up in Lord Boots' monster blog. I can see the hypocrisy he was criticizing, as we do indeed have pages containing merely one sentence, like many of the cities, while other topics like the Morely insurrection, which we have much more info about, are denied an own page and redirected to a section on the Morley page.

    I think the problem stems from the fact that pages get created sometimes without the creator asking first if this page is necessary/the topic warrants its own page. Which is something we can't  avoid, and I'm not planning on adding a rule about having to ask before creating a new page cuz that would kinda defeat the purpose of a wiki, where participation is welcome…

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  • PikovajaDama

    Hello everybody,

    after we agreed to NOT add pre-release info to older pages for the time being, it has come to my attention that this rule tends to cause problems. New users come and add things and, according to our rules, get them removed. I can see how this causes tons of  frustration since everyone's excited for the new game and with all that info lying in front of us, much of it from actually pretty reliable sources, it is quite of a pain NOT to add it.

    Plus, there's tons of edge cases. Info on page no, but D2-age added for confirmed recurring characters yes, info on the Timeline page  etc...

    On the other hand, I can very well see where the reasoning for the no-adding rule is coming from. Gametrailers lie, and devs are notorious for prese…

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