The purpose of this blog page is to list any Bonecharm, books and written note that we may have missed in Dishonored 2. While I found them in the game's text files with their respective description/transcript, it would be best if anyone can confirm their appearance in the game before adding them to the wiki.

Feel free to write down in the comments if you found any of the following items.

EDIT: I'm assuming the remaining items on these lists are not implemented in-game, so I'll use the page to show their transcripts instead.


Regular Bonecharms

  • Confusion - Stinging Bolt effect lasts slightly longer.
  • Leviathan's Gift - Sometimes Bonecharm Crafting consumes no raw whalebone.
  • Muscle Memory - Slightly faster assassinations.
  • Savage Scream - Sometimes a Nest Keeper’s scream kills some surrounding bloodflies.
  • Sweeping Wind - Windblast range is increased.

Corrupted Bonecharms

Charm Benefit Penalty
Still Fade Invisibility while motionless and in Stealth Mode. You are louder and more visible while moving.

Black Bonecharms

  • Fierce Parry - Enemies are sometimes knocked down when you parry.
  • Instant Fate - Domino effects propagate instantly.



Name Mission Transcript or Description
A Student’s lost Journal Unknown Upon receiving confirmation of my acceptance to the Academy of Natural Philosophy, I stood on the steps of my father’s shop, holding the letter in trembling hands. My eyes ran over the words, written in elegant script. My thumb caressed the wax seal bearing the crest of that esteemed institution. The thought of spending years among the greatest minds from across the Isles overwhelmed me.

Saying goodbye to my family in Karnaca, I travelled to Cullero for a week with my cousins before continuing my passage toward Dunwall. My pride and their praise carried me along. I entered the Academy halfway through the month of Darkness and with perspective that feels appropriate.

I dreamed of exploring the depths of knowledge, but as a first year student the only depths I have explored are at the bottom of chamber pots. Layers of hierarchy press down upon me, so that I feel like a tiny worm, twisting at the heart of a great cathedral. I cook, clean and mend clothing for the older students and faculty. I spend half my nights over steaming laundry vats instead of the dense tomes I expected.

How naive I was to imagine that I might engage with the emerging theories of our time, and even perhaps expand them. Alas, I am only a fresh set of hands for receiving and peeling crates of potatoes from Morley. Mother! Father! Milk churning bears no more secrets for me. Is this truly how my intellect is to be applied?

Newspapers, Karnaca Gazette

Name Mission Transcript or Description
Robberies Increasing Warn Grand Guard Unknown Authorities say that shops throughout the city have been plagued by a recent glut of burglaries. Numerous shops have been robbed, and there is reason to believe the crimes are the work of one master thief, or a gang of clever criminals working in unison.

As the investigations are ongoing, no details regarding the robberies have been released. However, shopkeepers are advised to take extra precautions to protect their merchandise and stores, in case the rash of thefts continues.

Written Notes

Name Mission Transcript or Description
Warning from the Howlers The Clockwork Mansion Dear Pricilla,
Due to your lack of payment this week, oops, something awful happened to your swill shop.

Other storekeepers from the Wine Purveyors Association, take note. This city isn’t as safe as it used to be. I bet next time it’ll be much worse.

Paolo and the Howlers

Criminal Activity The Royal Conservatory Sister Antiago,
Your second letter arrived.

I wish I could continue my investigation regarding the Curator of the Royal Conservatory, and whatever unclean business she’s conducting behind her closed doors, but as you know my attention is turned to another, more pressing problem in Karnaca’s Dust District, where we’re trying to root out a criminal organization tainted by blasphemy. Their leader is elusive, but we’re close.

Eventually, I’ll give Breanna Ashworth my full attention.

Vice Overseer Liam Byrne

Canal Gate Access The Royal Conservatory The coupling around the crank-wheel finally cracked in half and went into the muck. The good news is that Meyers swam down and got the wheel itself. One of the work crews fixed the coupling, but now I have no idea where Meyers left the crank-wheel.

If you need to open the gate, you’ll have to find the wheel and re-attach it.

Everything’s falling apart around here. It would be nice if half our maintenance budget hadn’t gotten reallocated to the Duke’s upcoming dog racing project.

Letter to Breanna The Royal Conservatory Breanna,
Assuming none of these buffoons damaged the lenses in carting them from my home to the Royal Conservatory, this is the last shipment we should need. Time permitting, I’ll look in on you tomorrow and make some of the mechanical adjustments personally.

As to those parts of the Oraculum that, according to principle, shouldn’t even be possible, the rest is up to you.

Kirin Jindosh
Grand Inventor in the Service of the Duke of Serkonos

Hypatia's Farewell (low chaos) Dust District I can never thank you for what you’ve done, but rest assured that I’m feeling myself again. Once my recovery is complete, I’ll go back to my work, helping the workers in Karnaca.

There’s an excitement growing in me about what the future might hold.

It’s as if I’ve awakened from a terrible dream.

Hypatia's Farewell (high chaos) Dust District I suppose I owe you thanks for what you’ve done, but it seems something vital has been torn from my head and maybe from my heart. My hopes for a full recovery are low.

As I walk the streets of Karnaca, everyone seems broken. Maybe someday I’ll be recovered enough to go back to my work, helping the workers here, but I’m not sure.

There’s still a dark cloud over me.

Mindy's Blanchard's Diary Dust District 4th Day, Month of Clans
It’s festering now, and the healer says I need to keep the poultice on for another day at least. He wanted to put a fleam on me, but I took out my blade and that changed his mind. But it’s not all a loss, because now I know it ain’t how deep you cut the tattoos. Deeper just makes them ooze pus. Ain’t nothing magical in that.

12th Day, Month of Songs
I finally come to realize it ain’t enough just to have a tattoo. A tattoo is nothing but a pretty picture put in your skin. That’s all.
So I been studying those marks on Paolo’s charm. I don’t know where he got that old dried up corpse hand — he never talks to me about it directly. But something goes down — he takes a bullet in the head, a blade in the gut, whatever — and then he’s back in his little secret room, right next to his office, like nothing ever happened. Maybe some day I’ll just drink a little more than usual and ask him straight up.
Anyway it’s something out of this world. I can tell just by looking at it. I get a funny feeling close up. Wish I could look close at the marks on it. I bet there’s special herbs or something in the ink. Or maybe not herbs — something more. Mayhap whale’s brain or crushed bloodfly wings. Or something brought up from the mines and crushed into powders.

25th Day, Month of Songs
Whale blood in the ink’s not right. I’m feeling terribly off. Head pounding worse than since I was little and that other boy hit me between the brows with a brick, just before I threw him off the water tower. And the tattoo ain’t setting proper-like.

The Thirteen Months Dust District As was laid down long ago, there are thirteen months, each 28 days in length. In the last hours of the year, the High Overseer will sound the Fugue Feast.

The Thirteen Months:
1. The Month of Earth
2. The Month of Harvest
3. The Month of Nets
4. The Month of Rain
5. The Month of Wind
6. The Month of Darkness
7. The Month of High Cold
8. The Month of Ice
9. The Month of Hearths
10. The Month of Seeds
11. The Month of Timber
12. The Month of Clans
13. The Month of Songs

Letter from Aunt Lucy A Crack in the Slab My dearest Caruso,

I’m glad you sought my counsel on this delicate matter, as I’m afraid your reputation is in peril if you let rumors spread. Yes, I trust you, I know the voices are real, and the spirits as well. Don’t listen to them, look away, as they’re only trying to mesmerize you and bring you closer to the Void itself.

Believe me, don’t waste a minute; condemn the room where the phenomenon is occurring. And sell the manor as soon as you can. You may stay with me for a while, if it suits you.

I must say it’s no surprise that the manor should be cursed. That man Stilton never was a presentable person. How could an uncouth miner make his way into the old Duke’s palace if not by unspeakable means? Who knows what he was up to? The walls might be filled with toadstones and children’s teeth. You can’t fight against witchcraft.

I’ll await your visit.
- Aunt Lucy

Unimplemented DLC achievements

Name Description
Well Informed Read 20 newspapers
Dancer at the Edge of Darkness Completed Dishonored 2 in Low Chaos with all difficulty settings at max
Greatest Assassin Completed Dishonored 2 in High Chaos with all difficulty settings at max

Unused Painting Names

Sokolov Paintings

  • "Delilah of Opposite Reciprocals"
  • "The Empress and the Empty Seat"
  • "Meagan Foster’s Outside Axiom"
  • "Meagan Foster and the Lost Ratio"

Delilah Paintings

  • "As No One Else Sees Me"
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