After playing The Knife of Dunwall, it occured to me that having allies that you could control, within reason, could make the game a different sort of entertaining. Having two assassins working together to take down a target.

Naturally, a multiplayer section would probably lack the engaging story present in the campaigns, but I think it could be fun.

Your character could be slightly modifiable, though only other players would see it.

  • Primary weapon could vary from a standard City Watch saber, the Whalers blades, the Overseer's sabre, or Corvo's iconic blade.
  • Ideally the character's face would be masked. Several could be taken from the game proper, including Corvo's skull mask and the whaler's masks.
  • Perhaps a uniform: the whaler's suits, Corvo's coat, or maybe even a City Watch uniform.

Payment for successful missions would be some value x, while bonus objectives would add to that value.

  • Killing no one but the target.
  • Capturing the target (rendered unconscious and brought back to rendevous).
  • Avoiding detection.
  • Surgical operation (No one killed or unconscious except the target).

Power progression should probably be slowed up a bit. Say, one rune per objective and multiple levels of each power.

  • Bend Time would be the biggest problem, including Daud's version of Blink. Most likely, all players would have immunity to it, though that could make it a bit of a breaker.
  • Possession would only have to be modified to show other players that they were possessed.
  • Arcane Bond could be modified specifically to help players work together.
  • Summon Assassin could be modified into a multiplayer power that allows players to catch up to one another.
  • I think the other powers could remain as is, though slight balancing may be necessary.

While I doubt that a multiplayer would live up to the fantastic experience that is Dishonored, I think it could be entertaining.

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