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    So Bethesda have very kindly offered to send us some OFFICIAL material for use on the wiki if we ask for it. However, the deadline for this is a VERY short time away - about 12-24 hours after the creation of this blog - so please leave your requests here for the admins to compile into an item-by-item list. Thank you!

    Let's kick things off:

    • High-resolution versions of in-game posters and advertisements. (Dishonored 1 & 2)
    • High-resolution versions of maps - both collectible and readable. (Dishonored 1 & 2)
    • High-resolution versions of in-game paintings. (Dishonored 1 & 2)
    • High-resolution versions of concept art. (All Dishonored media)
    • Transcripts of in-game texts.
    • Transcripts of audiographs and other in-game recordings. (Dishonored 2)
      • If at all possi…
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  • Mice Overseer

    Edge article Sept 2016

    September 15, 2016 by Mice Overseer

    Just thought I'd summarize the new info from the Edge article for anyone interested.

    • The basic version of Domino actually has a 'relatively long' transmission time, although this can be reduced with upgrades.
      • The damage transmission from Domino is EXACT, for instance Dominoing a headshot from a regular guard to an overseer will kill the guard but not the overseer, as his mask will block the damage.
    • Mantling is 'more acrobatic'.
    • Holding the attack button will charge an attack (this was sort of evident in the Dust District gameplay, but I think it's worth having it confirmed).
    • Clockwork soldiers 'can be dismembered, limb by limb'.
      • They can also be rewired to be friendly.
    • There is a mission called 'The Edge Of The World' with 'a big, sprawling area …
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  • Mice Overseer

    Worst missions

    May 9, 2016 by Mice Overseer

    Bah! I've had enough of all this... this... positivity and excitement surrounding the release of Dishonored 2! We need more negativity around here! So without further ado, what in your opinion is the worst' mission(s) in the entirety of Dishonored and its DLCs? They don't even have to be bad, just least good.

    For me, the clear choice has to be The Dead Eels. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but something about this mission always makes it feel really flat and... well... boring to play through. Drapers Ward just lacks any kind of atmosphere or tension, and it's hard to shake the sense that I'm just methodically collecting a bunch of resources lying around a big, empty level.

    What also hurts it is the lack of a centrepiece to revolve around…

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  • Mice Overseer

    So, going by these three notes, there is not a consistent format for documents whose content varies depending on the player's actions.

    Since we have no idea how many of these things we might have to deal with in Dishonored 2, I would like to propose that we sort this out now, as it's one less thing to fight over in the postrelease chaos. Personally, I think the best option is something like The Knife of Dunwall, A Survivor's Tale,  but with the explanation of the brackets moved to the top of the transcript. For example:

    If [character] does [action 1], the first set of brackets is present.                                                                                           If [character] does [action 2], the second set of brackets is pre…

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