Since Dishonored is so much about player choice, and we know that there are all sorts of different ways players can overcome the game's challenges, I thought it would be interesting to take my character as is and create a challenge for myself, and you if you would like to participate!

I tried to think of various limitations to set for myself and settled on the classic children's game: The Floor is Lava. Here was my simple limitation: Avoid touching the floor whenever possible!

Some details:

  • Because of its building layout, I chose to do this challenge in The Royal Physician mission.
  • Of course completely avoiding the ground is impossible, so I touch the floor at certain times, but I think I have to. I also decided that when I touch the floor, I cannot move from that spot unless I Blink.
  • I chose not to count staircases in this challenges. Then it really would have been hard!
  • While I did not have possession, I did decide it was OK to possess someone temporarily.
  • To add to the challenge, I tried to complete this mission as fast as possible.


I have to admit, this was easier said than done. Primarily because by avoiding the ground means I have to avoid a lot of enemies. This made moving past some guards very difficult. In the first section I have to move very quickly to Blink onto a trash bin, open the door, then blink through.

Also, I did die twice, which I believe I edited from the video. The reason? A failed Blink and then had a moment of panic. Since I was fixed on the spot on the ground, I could only blink away instead of charging my enemies. I failed several blinks in a row and died.

All that being said, getting Anton Sokolov out of his lab was a breeze. Check out the video below to see how it went.

Sharing the Challenge

I actually made two challenges, and this is just the first! If you are interested, I encourage you to try this challenge out for yourself! Let me know how you overcame the challenge, if you played it on the same mission, and all that good stuff. I also encourage you to record the video using Fraps, X-Fire, or any other scree-grab software and share in the comments section!

Lastly, if you have a challenge you have tried and want others to try, let me know what it is. That might become my next set of limitations!

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