I am back with another Dishonored Challenge! Last week I posted my playthrough of The Royal Physician with a set of self-prescribed limitations. I decided to play through the campaign without touching the ground whenever possible. You can read about that experience and watch the video here!

This time I am back to overcome the campaign with a completely different approach. My new challenge is simple, and I encourage you to try it: KILL EVERYONE!

Some details:

  • This challenge sounded too easy, so I added the same additional challenge as I did the first: You must complete this campaign as fast as possible.
  • Yes, you must kill civilians as well. (I know. I'm a terrible person.)


  • I was shocked. This challenge was actually way more difficult than the Floor is Lava Challenge. This is partly because I had trained Corvo as a stealthy assassin, not a cold-blooded killer. I would still try to achieve silent kills when possible, but more often than not, I would take one out and then proceed to fight it out with the other guards in the room. I never gave myself enough time to isolate guards before killing them.
  • Several tools really came in handy: The pistol, Devouring Swarm, and The Heart. The pistol, up close, can easily dispatch an enemy. I found myself relying on that weapon probably too much. Meanwhile, Devouring Swarm was a great way to kill an enemy from afar without attracting too much attention. Also, it was a great way to occupy groups of guards, letting me cut them down while they fought of hordes of rats. Lastly The Heart let me hunt down survivors of my rampage.
  • I died. A lot. I cut out several of my deaths from the videos below, but you can still see a few in there. The most deaths happened as I tried to dispatch the guards in Anton Sokolov's Safehouse. There are so many that I would be easily killed. There was also a guard with a music box that I had to kill early before starting the fight.
  • Check out the videos below and let me know how you do when confronting this challenge on your own.

Sharing the Challenge

If you are interested, I encourage you to try this challenge out for yourself! Let me know how you overcame the challenge, if you played it on the same mission, and all that good stuff. I also encourage you to record the video using Fraps, X-Fire, or any other video capture software and share in the comments section!

Lastly, if you have a challenge you have tried and want others to try, let me know what it is. I'm always happy to try new challenges!

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