Dishonored is out and I am loving it. The game is getting tons of positive responses from critics and players alike, and no wonder, the game features some really well executed ideas. I thought it might be great for those who are still on the fence to list five things people should know about the game that could pique their interest or make for a better play experience. They are also some of my favorite aspects of the game.

Of course I want to know your favorite things about the game as well. What are the things you think players should know about Dishonored? Leave your "5 Things" in the comments below!

1. Your Choices Matter
Dishonored Corvo
Dishonored is all about choice. How you dispatch your enemies, what bone charms you choose to use, who you kill and who you save - it all matters. If you kill a huge number of people, rats become more numerous and the world changes slightly under the weight of the dead. Corvo's actions have repercussions.

This carries over to simple player choices as well. While you can always go back and replay a mission, you will not bring any powers you have acquired since then with you. When you make a choice, you are, by and large, stuck with it. This is a good and a bad thing. Those who love changing their mind might be unhappy, but it means players are forced to think about how their powers and investments change how they approach the game's many challenges.

2. Always Experiment
Although your choices matter and there is some permanence to your decisions, there are still many ways to alter and customize how you approach the task at hand. Dishonored is a game that completely rewards experimentation. Do your best to locate and acquire as many bone charms as you can. This little trinkets augment Corvo's attributes in a variety of ways.

Want to try more kills from above? Take the bone charm that gives you mana when you pull off such a kill and try your luck. Want to focus more on offensive gameplay? Try using the bone charm that increases the speed of your sword swing. Mix and match bone charms to your liking and, when possible, upgrade the amount you can use at one time. You will not regret it.

3. If at first you don't succeed...try something else
Oh yes, these have all been similar and a way because they are all about player versatility. But that is why Dishonored is so good! No matter what task you have at hand, no matter what abilities you've chosen to invest in, there are a variety of ways to overcome the challenge. The same goes for pathways into various locations. It is not uncommon to stumble upon a second, third, or fourth route through a mission after you have already completed it. Instead of bashing against a wall again and again, try a different approach.
4. Get Your Reading Glasses
The art and lore of Dishonored is rich and fascinating, but like so many other aspects of the game, this has to be found by the player. Nothing is delivered on a golden platter. I highlight recommend you pick up the game's numerous books and notes and give them a read, you might even get a mission clue that proves invaluable.

Also, take your time and eaves drop on conversation. Peak through keyholes or zoom in with Corvo's Mask to listen in. Also, and I think this really enchances the story experience, take out The Heart and use it while pointing at everyone, from random soldiers to important characters. The voice gives some amazing and personal background into characters and really fleshes out the world. The Heart is one of my favorite features of the game, period.

5. Be the Rat King
This is a more specific and personal pick than the rest, but I highly encourage all players to experiment with the rats. Possession is an amazing skill, and coupled with mines, can make a rat a mobile death machine. Also, few abilities are as satisfying as summoning a rat army to devour your enemies, or at least destract them while you slice them to pieces. On a high chaos playthrough, with the rodents everywhere, you will feel like a rat king.
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