Empire of the Isles areas

Area km² Area mi²
Gristol 392,860 213,862
Tyvia 278,910 107,688
Serkonos 155,007 44,404
Morley 102,684 39,647
Empire 1,050,502 405,601

These were calculated by using the in game texture of globe in the Imperial Chambers from Dishonored 2 to determine the "scale" of the Map of the Empire

I did that by maping the ingame texture on a globe (overlaying it in Google Earth) and measuring the North-South distance of the Isles. I was pleasantly surprised that the whole North-South span of the isles fit perfectly between 20 degrees of latitude - the 58° latitude line passes right along the northern coast of Tyvia (near Samara), and at the southernmost point of Serkonos (near Karnaca) is the 38° latitude line.

I traced the lines onto the Map of the Empire using the "degrees" along the border of the image as a guide.

So for the math:

The real world distance of 20° latitude is about 2224 km (~111.2 km for one degree at 58°-38° range), so that should the North-South span of the Isles.

The Map of the Empire image I worked on had the dimensions 1851x2618 pixels, the full size version of the image on the Empire of the Isles page. The distance between the 2 lines of latitude is 1873 pixels.

1873px = 2224km, this gives the scale of the map: 1px (length) = 1.187399893 km

The area of a pixel is squared: 1px (area) = 1.409918505896411 km²

To find out the area of the islands, I very careful traced the borders of each and got the total pixel count of each island in an image editor:

Gristol - 392,860 pixels
Tyvia (includes Wei-Ghon) - 197,820 pixels
Serkonos - 81,570 pixels
Morley - 72,830 pixels
Other areas outside any major island's border - total 9,715 pixels


Gristol is about the size of metropolitan France, Morley is the size of Iceland, Serkonos is close in size to Bulgaria.

The closest point on Pandyssia is 7000km (or 4400 miles) away from the Isles.

For Pandyssia I drew a rough polygon arround the continent and got something arround 93 million km², that is the size of AfroEurasia+Australia combined. It's pretty darn huge! No wonder expeditions were so difficult, that's like living in North America and trying to explore the whole 'Old World' by crossing the Pacific.

I have a KMZ file for Google Earth (can even be opened in a portable version), with the map of the globe and the map of the isles overlayed, including comparisons with Europe. I'll see if I can share it somewhere if anyone is interested in playing arround with measuring distances or correct any measurements I might have gotten wrong.

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