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Dead Counter here, I've got my bottle of Dunwall Brand Whiskey and Cullero Cigar in hand....

DLC News

Bethesda has officially announced Dishonored DLC news. They will be releasing 3 DLC packs in the coming months. The first known as, Dunwall City Trials will be released this December for 4.99USD (PSN & PC) or 400 Microsoft Points (Xbox Marketplace). It's said to include a set of 10 challenge maps that will truly put Corvo's combat, stealth, and mobility skills to the test, with challenges involving drop assassinations and the ability to fight in a arena against the many enemies of Dishonored.

The second DLC add-on will put us all through a campaign centered on Daud. Seems some of us here at the Wiki got our wish. It is scheduled for a Spring 2013 release.

Additional information on the third DLC will be reported as we move closer to it's release. When more news comes up, you'll be the first to hear about it.

The Facts

According to VGChartz as of October 13, 2012, Dishonored has managed to sell 903549 copies worldwide across all three platforms in just one week (US 498733) (EU 244516 ) (JPN 13059 ) (ALL 756308 )

It seems some of the fans of Dishonored have taken to calling the genre of the game, "whalepunk." Seems like a desperate attempt to compare Dishonored to other games of the well known "steampunk" genre. In a way Dishonored does have that steampunk feel, but let's not give it such a horrid name as "whalepunk". Surely, we can all come up with something much, much better than that.

Page of the Week

On a lighter note, how about Princess Leia apparently plays the secondary voice of the loudspeakers. Oh man! The things I would do to those loudspeakers! I loved watching the Star Wars movies as a kid, and listening to that oh so sexy voice blaring in my ears while playing Dishonored is a dream come true.

Well my fellow Empress murderers, I mean innocent Lord Protectors, this has been the first episode of Dishonored News Network. Hope you enjoyed it.

And remember wash your hands and take your elixir daily! Dead Counter out!

Todays announcements brought to you by Cullero Cigars. Sophisticated. Refined. Cullero.

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